Trevarth is a hamlet between Carharrack and Lanner. Its Wesleyan chapel dates from sometime during the mid-19th century. This profile has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell using information provided by Barrie May of Carharrack.   From Lanner take the left turn signposted Trevarth. Following the road into the village, the chapel was…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Trevarth Wesleyan Chapel”

Once again, Tony Mansell leads us into his world of folklore, myth and legend with his present-day tale of Emily, a young lady who casts her spell to capture the hearts and minds of unsuspecting innocents. This story was the winner of the Gorsedh Kernow 2009…Short Story set in Cornwall.   She arrived during the…Continue Reading “Emily”

Engraving of Mount Edgcumbe House, 1830

Old Mount Edgcumbe House The setting for the Tale of the Lady of Mount Edgcumbe’s Ring        The Lady of Mount Edgcumbe’s Ring; A Fruit Thief makes a Fatal Choice!                          A storm had passed over Rame!            …Continue Reading “Lady Of Mount Edgcumbe”

Thoughts of folklore, myth and legend lead our minds to times past when events, or maybe the creative mind, provided us with some intriguing stories. Here, Tony Mansell of Cornish Story has set aside his non-fiction activities and uses his imagination to bring us the first of his present-day Cornish tales.    Davie Pascoe stood…Continue Reading “The Rendezvous”

Emily Thornhill explores the past realities and human history of Cornwall in her second article for Cornish Story entitled ‘Sacred Places’. In this photographic essay she looks at the remains of pre-historic times within the landscape in the form of megalithic sites. The purpose and use of such places has always been a mystery to us…Continue Reading “Sacred Places”

Madron Well

From Beltane bonfires to Samhain dancing, there has been a resurgence in traditional Celtic rituals across both Cornwall and the western world. Perform a quick Instagram search for the Celtic holiday of #Imbolc and you will come across almost 100,000 photos including candle-adorned altars, floral offerings and old-fashioned herbal tinctures. It is not just seasonal…Continue Reading “The Rise of Celtic Rituals in the 21st Century: Lessons for Cornish Heritage”