Falmouth is a town, civil parish and port on the River Fal on the south coast of Cornwall. This profile of Smithick Hill Bible Christian Chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.   (Cornwall County Heritage Gateway) Smithick Hill was also known as Parram hill and Fish Street Hill. (The Rise of…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Falmouth – Smithick Hill Bible Christian Chapel”

St Agnes historian Clive Benney brings us a macabre, who-dunnit tale from 1920 in the sleepy village of Skinners Bottom.    A hundred years ago a couple were brutally murdered in the garden of their home. Two theories were put forward but what was the jury’s verdict? The garden where the bodies were found (Photo:…Continue Reading “Skinners Bottom Murders”

Once again, Tony Mansell leads us into his world of folklore, myth and legend with his present-day tale of Emily, a young lady who casts her spell to capture the hearts and minds of unsuspecting innocents. This story was the winner of the Gorsedh Kernow 2009…Short Story set in Cornwall.   She arrived during the…Continue Reading “Emily”

This profile of Truro School Wesleyan Chapel was compiled by Jo Lewis.   Truro School Chapel (Photo: Jo Lewis) Truro School Chapel lies within the grounds of Truro School – go to the visitor’s car park and follow the directions out, and this takes you past the chapel on the left. 1879: Truro Wesleyan Middle…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Truro School Wesleyan Chapel”

Tregonning Hill is the westerly of two granite hills overlooking Mount’s Bay in west Cornwall, the other being Godolphin Hill. They are approximately 6 kilometres west of the town of Helston. This profile of Tregonning Hill Preaching Pit was compiled by Barry West and Tony Mansell.   Little is known of Tregonning Hill Preaching Pit,…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Tregonning Hill Preaching Pit”

Teetotalism is the abstinence from alcoholic beverages and in this article, Tony Mansell considers how it impacted on brass bands. To begin, however, he reflects on the origin and growth of the temperance movement.   The temperance movement had its beginnings in Preston where a society was founded in 1833 by social reformer, local politician,…Continue Reading “Brass Bands and the Temperance Movement”