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Cornish Story is an initiative created with the vision to promote a greater knowledge of Cornwall and the Cornish Diaspora overseas. Unique, exclusive stories and films are combined with articles relating to all aspects of Cornish culture in the past and present.




Robert Burroughs explores the legends and drolls of Wivelshire in the introduction to a new series. South East Cornwall is often referred to as ‘Cornwall’s Forgotten Corner’ in part due to its geography, but also… more info

Mapping Methodism

The project team led by Garry Tregidga and Tony Mansell would like to hear from volunteer researchers who would be interested in the study of chapels and other related sites (e.g. outdoor preaching pits) at the local level. The immediate task is to create… more info


  • Change-Over-Day – Bert Biscoe
        Who’d be a vole, Summer time, Down St Buryan way, On change-over-day?   That’s the day they Christians d’call Saturday – day of Saturn – he with the rings – Roman patron of slaves – that’s they Who d’creep out of their hovels and Cornish Units To clean caravans and chalets over Hayle…Continue Reading “Change-Over-Day – Bert Biscoe”
  • Cool Stones
        (Photo Steve Tanner) Vyager gans Geryow (Bert Biscoe) lives in Truro. He is a poet and songwriter whose work draws on his interest in history, politics, social justice and language. He represents the people of Boscawen Division on Cornwall Council. The Division was formerly called ‘Moresk’ – an unbroken link from civic administration…Continue Reading “Cool Stones”
  • South Crofty Revived by Bert Biscoe
        Ah! We’ll sit beside the aching Bal To hold our heart between its knees – Still hands, uncalloused now Stir melancholy’s slow reprise – It suits the eye to always choose To stare at slowly moving ground Beneath soft sandalled shuffled soles Where nail’d steps once rang their sound, And, pressed beneath the…Continue Reading “South Crofty Revived by Bert Biscoe”

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