Mary Broad: documentary or drama?

Missed our recent Cornish Story Live online event. Watch a recording on our YouTube channel here.

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Cornish Story is an initiative created with the vision to promote a greater knowledge of Cornwall and the Cornish Diaspora overseas. Unique, exclusive stories and films are combined with articles relating to all aspects of Cornish culture in the past and present.


Mapping Methodism

The project team led by Garry Tregidga and Tony Mansell would like to hear from volunteer researchers who would be interested in the study of chapels and other related sites (e.g. outdoor preaching pits) at the local level. The immediate task is to create… more info


  • The Specialist
    A tongue-firmly-in-cheek poem based on the book The Specialist by Charles Sale.   Charles’s Lem Putt, illustrated by William Kermode   Here, Tony Mansell replaces Charles Sale’s Lem Putt with Benjamin Albert Tregaskes…a Cornish entrepreneur. Neither man existed with those names but those who created these necessaries were real and their creations were in use…Continue Reading “The Specialist”
  • Down Cligga
    Cligga Mine   Cligga Head (Kleger in Kernewek) is just over a mile to the south-west of Perranporth, a granite mass projecting about 300 feet above sea level. Located on this promontory is Cligga Mine. In 2006, Clive Benney and Tony Mansell wrote their book, Jericho to Cligga, and some of the information included about…Continue Reading “Down Cligga”
  • Padstow Obby Oss Day
    Following on from John Buckingham’s superb article, Bygone May Days – an insider’s view of Padstow’s great day – we now have a visitor’s viewpoint from Alan Murton, a regular contributor to Cornish Story.   The volume of sound grew as the Blue army crowded into Prideaux Place. The music of the concertinas and the…Continue Reading “Padstow Obby Oss Day”

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