The Plain-an-gwarry at St Just: its conservation and restoration

First published in the Old Cornwall Society Journal Vol. XII, No. 4 in Spring 1999.   The Plain-an-gwarry in 1996. Note the evidence in the granite stones of Feast Day hand drilling contests (Photo: Michael Tangye)   Michael Tangye (Whythrer Meyn) of Redruth brings us an intriguing story of a conflict which could have led…Continue Reading “The Plain-an-gwarry at St Just: its conservation and restoration”

Bygone May Days – A gathering of fragments

This is one of three separate pictures from the exceptional Yelland Collection held by Kresen Kernow. If taken on the same day, they show the strength of the custom in the early 1900s.  The young, the adolescent and the adult groups each with their own ‘oss’. They are well worth close scrutiny. A unique glimpse into the…Continue Reading “Bygone May Days – A gathering of fragments”

Of Sheaves, Shocks and Mows

Harvesting, for the farmer, is the busiest time of the year and for those involved with growing crops and raising livestock (mixed farming) it has to be undertaken in conjunction with all the other aspects of running the farm. Tony Mansell brings us this collection of memories and photographs which has been greatly enhanced by…Continue Reading “Of Sheaves, Shocks and Mows”

The Wreck of the Rose of Devon

The treacherous cliffs at Porthtowan where the Rose of Devon foundered in 1897 Clive Benney, St Agnes Old Cornwall Society Recorder, brings us the story of the demise of the Rose of Devon. The involvement of police constable Benney is particularly interesting as he was Clive’s great-grandfather.   One of the most tragic and disastrous…Continue Reading “The Wreck of the Rose of Devon”

The Redruth Revival Murder

Michael Tangye (Whythrer Meyn) of Redruth brings us a story of excessive religious fervour that was all too common among many Methodist congregations in our villages and towns.   1824: King George the Fourth  reigned. The mining town of Redruth had not yet reached the height of its prosperity. Its shallow, immensely rich copper loads…Continue Reading “The Redruth Revival Murder”

Growing Up Near Looe

Looe Bridge This is largely an article of personal memories and is in no way an attempt to provide a history of the area. It includes my first memories but is muddled with later visits and holidays with relations at Lanreath and Looe.   Alright, I’ll come clean, I didn’t do a lot of growing…Continue Reading “Growing Up Near Looe”