Cornish Herstory edited by Dr Lesley Trotter of the Institute of Cornish Studies.

  This impressive publication brings together the work of a team of researchers who cover the stories of women in relation to areas like maritime communities, banking, eighteenth century politics, First World War, landed estates and song. Published by Cornish Story Copies are available – £10 (plus postage) from the Institute – to order please…Continue Reading “Cornish Herstory edited by Dr Lesley Trotter of the Institute of Cornish Studies.”

2001 campaign

Cornish Democracy investigates the process of democratic governance in Cornwall in the aftermath of the failure to establish an elected Mayor of Cornwall in 2023. Subjects covered include the historical foundations of Cornwall’s political culture, the popular petition campaign for a Cornish Assembly in 2001 (see photograph above), multi-level governance in relation to parish and…Continue Reading “Cornish Democracy: Studies of Governance and Identity”

Alan M. Kent sadly passed away earlier this year just a few days before his 55th birthday. Hazel Mark reviews his last published novel Saffron Bun Chapel for Cornish Story. The Saffron Bun Chapel is built as the centrepiece of the Methodist Mining community,  in Upper Peninsula, Michigan State. It is set in 1900, at a…Continue Reading “Saffron Bun Chapel”

Michael Tate writes about the autobiography and remarkable life of the late Howard Curnow.  It was in April 2020, soon after the start of the first Covid lockdown, that I was contacted on social media by Harry Glasson. ‘Have you received an email from Howard Curnow’, he asked. My reply, I’m afraid, was ‘No. Who’s…Continue Reading “Kernow ow Bro”

In Search of Cornwall is the fourth volume in the third series of Cornish Studies and intended as the catalyst for a new collection of thematic volumes that will develop both the series and the discipline over the next few years. The launch of this edited collection of papers demonstrates that a desire on the…Continue Reading “In Search Of Cornwall”

New Publication to mark Black History Month

As Black History Month draws to a close Cornish Story releases a new book by Madeleine Midgley that looks at issues of Cornish ‘Race Relations’ in the context of African American Historiography. The visit to 1920s Cornwall by a leading Black Civil Rights campaigner is examined in a book entitled Dispatches from Penzance, published by…Continue Reading “New Publication to mark Black History Month”