The Cadgwith Ghost

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Cadgwith Boats at Rest (Alan Murton)

Amy Heyman of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, brings us a true account of an experience from her visit to the Lizard Peninsula.


In 1988, my Mum and I rented a little cottage in Cadgwith. We stayed there for two weeks.

The week prior, we had spent sightseeing in London where I thought I would maybe see a ghost, in the Tower or at Hampton Court, so by the time we took the train to Cornwall, I wasn’t even thinking about ghosts anymore.

It was into our second week at the cottage when there was a very windy, rainy night. I stayed in a bedroom right at the top of the stairs, with a view from my bed of the entire little hallway leading to the other bedrooms and the bathroom. I couldn’t sleep.

The wind was rather ominous. I was thinking of going downstairs for a while when I looked down the hall and there, at the end of the hall, to the right of the bathroom, stood a black figure. It looked like it had a hooded robe on.

I just stared, frozen in bed. I kept watching, thinking maybe it was my Mum or maybe I was dreaming. Suddenly, the figure lifted slowly from the floor and extended its arms out on either side and proceeded to swiftly float right at me!

I turned around in the bed and dove under the covers. I could hear a rustling sound right above my head. It happened so fast and before I knew it… dead silence. I think I waited at least 15 minutes before I felt like sticking my head out of the covers. I finally did but there was nothing there.

I ran down the hall to wake my Mum and she said she had been sleeping soundly until I woke her. I have no idea what it was, but I did e-mail someone in Cornwall a few years ago and they asked around and said that another lady had seen something whilst staying there. I wish I knew more about the history of the cottage. Maybe that would tell me something.

That’s my story! The first and only ghost I’ve ever seen! And probably the last!

No Fishing Today (Alan Murton)


My name is Amy Heyman and I live in Wisconsin.  I love to take walks along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.  I am an author of two historical fiction novels which take place in early 19th century Cornwall.  Polvenon and Tremorna are the titles of these books.  They are available through Little Creek Press in Mineral Point, Wisconsin or on AmazonUK in soft cover and kindle.  I have loved anything Cornish since watching the first Poldark series back in the 70s!

3 thoughts on “The Cadgwith Ghost

    1. Was this old dolphin cottage as that is haunted by a little girl? I stayed there, as a child, in the 80’s and it used to freak me out. One of my dad’s employees went down there and stayed on his recommendation and his wife saw a little girl at the foot of the bed when she woke up. Weird.

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