A key aim of Cornish Story is to promote a greater knowledge of Cornwall in an international context. Our story both in the past and present is global. It is not restricted to the far South West of Britain but to places and communities both on this island and overseas. We would therefore like to build…Continue Reading “Global Kernow”

Join Helen Renée Wuorio as she explains the extraordinary role that a small village in Cornwall played in her Alaskan Cornish love story. My incredible journey, and my Cornish story began in a place called North Pole, Alaska, and yes, there really is a town in Alaska called North Pole.  Back in 1981, my parents decided…Continue Reading “An Alaskan Cornish Love Story”

Remains of an Engine House

Michael Webb tells Cornish Story how he discovered the remarkable events of his past lineage and what startling resemblance they hold within his own family today. Read on to discover a story of generations unfurled. The phone rang just as I was serving dinner. It was my eldest son in high spirits, calling to tell me he…Continue Reading “The Cornish Coincidence”

Join Alan Nance as he traces his great, great grandfather’s footsteps from Catalonia, France, to Plymouth. His relative’s old diary, which dates back to nearly 200 years before, accompanies him for the entire journey. Read on to find out more about Alan’s story. I arrived in Plymouth aboard the Armorique, he on the William and Amelia. I had walked a thousand…Continue Reading “Dehwelans: Return”

Christine Lamb is a Californian girl who identifies herself as Cornish.  As a member of the California Cornish Cousins, she has written this article explaining her love of Cornwall and what it means to be Cornish overseas. While I am only one-eighth Cornish, it is the bit about myself that I like the best. Growing up,…Continue Reading “Being Cornish in California”