Rescorla a’gas Dynergh! Welcome to Rescorla! Cornish Story is producing an ongoing series of podcasts in association with the Rescorla Centre situated in Cornwall’s Clay Country. From our base in a Primitive Methodist Chapel built in 1873 this collection of online broadcasts will relate to different aspects of Cornish culture.

On the music front Esedhek Rescorla – the Rescorla Session – provides an opportunity for individuals and small groups to perform and entertain with a particular emphasis on Cornish and Celtic music. This creative focus will build on the popular tradition of Snail Creep that was revived at Rescorla back in 2008 and now features as the centrepiece of its annual festival. Other podcasts will explore different themes in Cornish history along with folklore and oral tradition.

recording music sessions at Rescorla

How we ‘tell the tale’ will also feature with some broadcasts planned in both the Cornish language and in local dialect. Cornish food, poetry, the environment and storytelling will also be included to ensure that there is something for different tastes. Although based in mid Cornwall, we are keen to hear from people in the global Cornish diaspora so If you would like to be involved in any way just get in contact.

For further information on the Rescorla Centre go to our website or join us on Facebook.




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