Elijah the Thatcher

Harmony Cot in 1905. Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, reed or other material to shed water and keep the building dry. This article, by Tony Mansell, was written in conjunction with Master Thatcher Elijah Francis as he undertook the re-roofing work on Harmony Cot, Blowing House,…Continue Reading “Elijah the Thatcher”

Delabole Slate Quarry

Delabole Slate Quarry Alan Murton is in east Cornwall and brings us the story of a Cornish icon – the Delabole Slate Quarry. Most of us have heard of it, some have seen it, but a pound to a penny there’s something new to learn from this graphic article.   Standing at dawn with thousands…Continue Reading “Delabole Slate Quarry”

Working Underground at South Crofty Mine

(Sketch: Mike Ricks)   Mike Ricks brings us his evocative story of the time when he was a Cornish miner. Reading this leaves you in no doubt about the harsh conditions underground and perhaps goes some way to helping us understand the extraordinary camaraderie developed by those who laboured there.                                                                                    The contrast couldn’t…Continue Reading “Working Underground at South Crofty Mine”

Susan Coney brings us the history of N Gill and Son, arguably, the leading retailer and manufacturer of drapery, ladies and gentlemen’s attire and house furnishing in Truro for 120 years, from 1833 to 1953. The owners, especially William Nicholas Gill and his son Arthur William Gill, were prominent and philanthropic members of the Truro…Continue Reading “N Gill and Son – a very successful Truro Family Business for 120 years”

John Dirring has discussed the beginnings of banking in eighteenth-century Cornwall in the first part of this series. He now continues the story by relating the early history of the Miners’ Bank, established as a partnership under the `Agreement Quinquepartite’, the heading of which is shown here (Kresen Kernow, ref BU/431).   The oldest banks…Continue Reading “Banking in Cornwall – Part 2: The early Miners’ Bank, 1771-1828”

With work on the Chiverton to Carland dual carriageway well underway it will not be long before some familiar landscapes will change for ever. In this article, under our Commerce and Industry banner, Tony Mansell takes a look at one particular business which existed at Chiverton Cross, long before the motor car became a common…Continue Reading “Ward’s Garage of Chiverton Cross”