Charles Chegwyn – A Grass Roots Bandsman

Charles Chegwyn By Tony Mansell   Henry Chegwyn (1829-1924), Charlie’s father, was born and died in Trevella, a house in Algers (Algiers on maps), Feock, which his father had built. He was a stonemason and at least two of his children, including Charles who is the subject of this article, followed him into that trade….Continue Reading “Charles Chegwyn – A Grass Roots Bandsman”

The Specialist

A tongue-firmly-in-cheek poem based on the book The Specialist by Charles Sale.   Charles’s Lem Putt, illustrated by William Kermode   Here, Tony Mansell replaces Charles Sale’s Lem Putt with Benjamin Albert Tregaskes…a Cornish entrepreneur. Neither man existed with those names but those who created these necessaries were real and their creations were in use…Continue Reading “The Specialist”

Down Cligga

Cligga Mine   Cligga Head (Kleger in Kernewek) is just over a mile to the south-west of Perranporth, a granite mass projecting about 300 feet above sea level. Located on this promontory is Cligga Mine. In 2006, Clive Benney and Tony Mansell wrote their book, Jericho to Cligga, and some of the information included about…Continue Reading “Down Cligga”

Ginger’s Boots

Tony Mansell brings us a story of a kindly man who worked out of his shop in Charles Street, Truro. Jimmo was a cordwainer, a shoemaker, one who makes new boots and shoes from leather. The trade can be contrasted with the cobbler who, according to a tradition in Britain, was restricted to repairing shoes….Continue Reading “Ginger’s Boots”

Elijah the Thatcher

Harmony Cot in 1905. Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, reed or other material to shed water and keep the building dry. This article, by Tony Mansell, was written in conjunction with Master Thatcher Elijah Francis as he undertook the re-roofing work on Harmony Cot, Blowing House,…Continue Reading “Elijah the Thatcher”

At the End of the Valley

Another trip into Tony Mansell’s world of folklore, myth and legend. This time with a tale of a Cornish maid who was cheated out of a life with the only man she loved.   It was late and there was a chill in the air as Annie made her way along the rough track in…Continue Reading “At the End of the Valley”