The second Bethesda Chapel in River Street, Truro   For many years Bethesda Chapel occupied a prominent position in Truro. Two buildings in River Street carried the name, the first before the street was created, when the River Kenwyn ran past its “front door”.  This is the story of those chapels but their history would…Continue Reading “Bethesda”

The peaceful and pleasant scene of Readymoney Beach, Fowey, portrayed here is in complete contrast to the event which Muriel Mansell relates in this true story. A story of a young girl who chose to resolve her problems in the only way she thought possible. Thankfully, few of us will experience such a horrific and…Continue Reading “Polly Foot’s Cove”

We should be grateful to those who record the everyday events of their life. Elsie Thomas of Silverwell did just that, and her children, Clarice Lean and Ken Thomas, were delighted to agree to its inclusion in the book, Blackwater and its Neighbours by Clive Benney and Tony Mansell. The material has also been the…Continue Reading “Elsie’s Story of Days Gone By”

With work on the Chiverton to Carland dual carriageway well underway it will not be long before some familiar landscapes will change for ever. In this article, under our Commerce and Industry banner, Tony Mansell takes a look at one particular business which existed at Chiverton Cross, long before the motor car became a common…Continue Reading “Ward’s Garage of Chiverton Cross”

Mangle Houses were once a common feature of most towns and villages where customers could have their laundry pressed for a penny or two. Tony Mansell brings us their story and of the equipment used in them, its construction and usage. A mangle keeper or mangle woman was someone who offered a laundry pressing service…Continue Reading “The Mangle House”

This short piece by Tony Mansell first appeared in the Western Morning News series “My Favourite Place”. Looe features in Tony’s early life and his memories of it will long remain.   Happiness is transient, fleeting, ephemeral, but was it always so? Weren’t we once able to trap it in the palm of our hand;…Continue Reading “The Looe Fisherman”