Cousin Jacks and Cockneys


April 2


07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Cornish Story Live

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Cornish Story in association with the Institute of Cornish Studies

Dr Lesley Trotter will be exploring the research on forgotten migration streams of Cornish Cousin Jacks and Jennies to London.

The migration of the Cornish, Cousin Jacks and Jennies, around the world in the 19th century has been well documented. But Cornish historians have also begun to examine the forgotten migration streams of Cornish people to other parts of the UK including London. Less well researched is the migration of Londoners, generically known as Cockneys, to Cornwall. Using her whole population database for Cornwall and drawing on contemporary census reports and newspapers, Lesley will discuss the extent 19th century cross migration between Cornwall and London, and consider how the migrants were viewed when they arrived.

Dr Lesley Trotter

Hon. Research Fellow,

Institute of Cornish Studies, University of Exeter

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