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Trecoyse Wesleyan Chapel is to the north of Gweek. This profile has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell with considerable help from Terry Moyle.


From Seworgan continue east to reach the Gweek road and head south. The Wesleyan Chapel was on the east side of the road by a grass triangle with an east turn.

Trecoyse Chapel (Photo: From Liz Moore’s Time Tour. If its use is not acceptable then we will immediately remove)

1865: Correspondence, grant for new chapel, Trecoyse Wesleyan Chapel, Constantine. Correspondence from Chapel Committee. (Kresen Kernow MRH/442)

September 1865: Foundation Stone laid.

1865: “Last Tuesday 26th September the foundation stone was laid for a Wesleyan chapel at Trecoyse in the parish of Constantine. A portion of a field by the side of the road leading to Penryn, Manhay, Gweek and Constantine is set apart as the site of the building. Rev. B. Brown read a document to be placed beneath the stone containing the names of the trustees, the circuit ministers and office bearers, the President and Secretary of the Conference and the Chairman of the District. The stone was laid by four trustees. Rev. J. Kirtland preached. About 200 people sat down for tea. There was a public meeting in a large tent presided over by Mr. Ralph of Gweek. The cost of the chapel is in the region of £130. The proceeds of the day amounted to £16.9s” (Lakes Falmouth Packet 7 October 1865)

1866: Sanction, erection of chapel, Trecoyse Wesleyan Chapel, Constantine. Sanction by Chapel Committee. (Kresen Kernow MRH/443)


1866: Build date. (SWChurches)

Built as a Wesleyan chapel. (SWChurches)

1866: Opened.

1879 to 1960s: Shown on maps. (

1879: “Trecoyse Wesleyan chapel has been re-opened after redecoration. The preacher was Rev. E. Dodds of Porthleven. An evening meeting was presided over by Mr. W. Bickford-Smith of Trevarno. Two books were presented to Messrs. Newton (brothers) before their departure to New Zealand for their energetic services to the chapel society.” (Cornishman 11 December 1879)

1880: “Trecoyse Wesleyan Sunday School tea treat was held on Tuesday last; it was well attended and Rev. R. Wilkins preached.” (Cornishman 8 July 1880)

1883: “A lecture on John Wesley and his times was given by Mr. J. G. Shakerley of Helston but was only partially given on Monday last week at Trecoyse chapel. Owing to a lack of air the magic lantern wicks would not burn. On Thursday the lecture was given to a good attendance.” (Cornishman 17 May 1883)

1904: “A very successful bazaar was held at Trecoyse chapel. The stallholders were Mrs. G. Benney and Misses Mitchell and Medlyn. The tea tables were presided over by Mesdames E. H. Benney, A. Walters, A. Reynolds and Miss Kitto. The opening ceremony was performed by Mr. C. C. Hocking of Helston. There was an evening concert with Mr. Shackerley (Cornish Bank, Helston) at the organ. The proceeds were for renovating the heating system in the chapel.” (Cornishman 9 June 1904)

1906: “The harvest festival services at Trecoyse Wesleyan chapel were taken by Rev. E. J. Williams, the newly appointed minister.” (Royal Cornwall Gazette 20 September 1906)

1912: “At Trecoyse Wesleyan chapel the Sunday School anniversary was led by Mr. Harris of Porthleven who presented prizes to the scholars at the morning service. Th annual tea treat was held on Tuesday in a field kindly lent by Mr. G. Benney. There were sports and Constantine Prize Brass band was in attendance.” (Lake’s Falmouth Packet 21 June 1912)

1932: The Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and the United Methodist Church amalgamated to become the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

1932: Became Trecoyse Methodist Church. (SWChurches)

Harvest Festival probably 1930s (Photo: courtesy Betty Pascoe)

1940: Sittings 80. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

1955: “The funeral has taken place at Trecoyse Methodist chapel of Mrs. Lilian Mary Stephens aged 61. She was a member for 40 years and served as a trustee and was a keen worker. The funeral service was taken by Rev. Norman Glanville (Helston). The chapels represented were Trecoyse, Gweek, Constantine, Manhay, Trewennack and Coverack.” (West Briton 2 June 1955)

1955: Closed. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

The society ceased to meet in the 1960s.

The Chapel in 1962 (Photo: courtesy Betty Pascoe)

The Pulpit in 1962 (Photo: courtesy Betty Pascoe)

Demolished. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

1965: Demolished and site cleared. (Betty Pascoe)

1966: Demolished. (SWChurches)

1996: “The funeral of Mrs. Ivy Olive Goldsworthy has taken place at Constantine Parish Church. The service was taken by Rev. Andrew Wade, Vicar, and Rev. John Pearce, Methodist minister at St. Keverne. Mrs. Goldsworthy had attended Trecoyse chapel until it closed and then had attended Gweek chapel.” (West Briton 1 February 1996)













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