Tony Mansell brings us the engaging story of Alfred Solomon, a “Trura Boy,” who travelled thousands of miles to follow his faith. It was a huge step for this young man who was destined to become involved in both the religious and civic aspects of life in his chosen country.     It seems that the…Continue Reading “Bishop Alfred Solomon – a Trura Boy”

Emily Thornhill reflects on religious sites in the first article in her new series for Cornish Story exploring place through photography.  ‘God’s Little Acre’ is a study of the tiny and often forgotten Anglican churches and chapels of Cornwall, that reside in the most secluded of places. Serving sometimes only handfuls of people, these intricate…Continue Reading “God’s Little Acre”

Celtic Cross

Eglosyow Morek Kernow (translated into English as ‘Cornwall’s Maritime Churches’) is a community-based research project that is exploring the cultural and historical significance of a series of ten religious sites around the coast of Cornwall. Its study programme involves interactive sessions with the local communities through ‘memory days’ with the aim of conducting audio and…Continue Reading “Eglosyow Morek Kernow”