Join blogger Elizabeth Dale from the Cornish Bird Blog as she tells us all about the legacy of famous gypsy queen Granny Boswell who made quite a stir in Cornwall in the 1860s. Read on below. There are some women in history that I really wish I could meet and Granny Boswell, Gypsy Queen, would be one of…Continue Reading “Granny Boswell: Cornwall’s Gypsy Queen”

Celtic Cross

An academic article by Dr Samantha Rayne which focuses on the prominence of Henry Jenner and his life’s work in helping to shape the Celtic identity. Read below to discover more. This article seeks to explore the influence of Henry Jenner as one of the most prominent figures of the Celtic Revival in Cornwall and…Continue Reading “Cornish Celtic Identity”

Join Alan Nance as he traces his great, great grandfather’s footsteps from Catalonia, France, to Plymouth. His relative’s old diary, which dates back to nearly 200 years before, accompanies him for the entire journey. Read on to find out more about Alan’s story. I arrived in Plymouth aboard the Armorique, he on the William and Amelia. I had walked a thousand…Continue Reading “Dehwelans: Return”

Illogan Chapel

Historian Stephen Roberts uncovers one of Cornwall’s most notable families, a band of brothers, the Tangyes, and their life’s industrial work throughout Victorian Britain. When the theatre manager F.W. Davies, speaking at a dinner of the Midland Cornish Association in February 1907, described Richard Tangye as ‘the foremost Cornishman of his day’, no one would have…Continue Reading “The Tangyes of Illogan”

This month’s continuation of a short series based on ancestor research follows the story of Lesley Carter and her journey to uncover more information about her great grandfather. You can view last month’s article here. Back in Penzance the following day, we have a mooch around the Public Library. In the reference section, I am…Continue Reading “Looking for George Henry Guy: Part 4”

Deep Water and Crow Moon books

Join Young Adult writers Anna McKerrow and Lu Hersey as they tell Cornish Story all about their exciting debut novels: Crow Moon and Deep Water. Both books are set in Cornwall and weave magic, fun and adventure into the heart of their stories. Read on to discover more about why they chose to set their novels in…Continue Reading “Cornwall in Fiction: Novelists Interview”