Susan Coney (née Phillips) is a prolific researcher and recorder of local history, especially about Truro. Here, she shares with us her memories of growing up during the 1940s to the 1960s, recalled and recorded during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown. These articles will appear as a series over the coming months with this first one…Continue Reading “My Memories of Growing up near Truro – Part 1: The early years”

Susan Coney (née Phillips) is a prolific researcher and recorder of Cornish history. This article is about one of her relatives and his ship and is as much an appeal for information as it is the story of a tragic loss of life in the waters that wash our shores.   My great, great Grandfather…Continue Reading “The sad tale of the brigantine, The Crossowen”

The word evacuee slips easily off the tongue, perhaps too easily to convey the extent of the pain and suffering endured by those affected. For the parents who had to say goodbye to their children and for the youngsters themselves, some as young as five, who had to gather on a London railway station, label…Continue Reading “Frank Long – the Lunnener”

Paul Phillips (Kaffler Rannyeth) relays the little-known story of a wartime deception which fooled the Germans and probably saved Falmouth Docks. (An extract taken from a more inclusive Paper on the History of Nare Point)   “The war robbed me of my youth”.                                                                                         “They were the best days of my life”.                                                                                                  “People were so…Continue Reading “Nare Point WWII Decoy Unit”

Alan Murton of Goonhavern was born and raised in Truro and here he recounts his memories of school life during the traumatic years of the Second World War.   I am conscious that Bosvigo School represents the biggest single influence in determining the course of my life. In that I would not expect to be…Continue Reading “Bosvigo School – Happy Memories 1938/44”

St Agnes historian Clive Benney brings us a macabre, who-dunnit tale from 1920 in the sleepy village of Skinners Bottom.    A hundred years ago a couple were brutally murdered in the garden of their home. Two theories were put forward but what was the jury’s verdict? The garden where the bodies were found (Photo:…Continue Reading “Skinners Bottom Murders”