The word evacuee slips easily off the tongue, perhaps too easily to convey the extent of the pain and suffering endured by those affected. For the parents who had to say goodbye to their children and for the youngsters themselves, some as young as five, who had to gather on a London railway station, label…Continue Reading “Frank Long – the Lunnener”

Susan Coney (née Phillips) is a prolific researcher and recorder of local history, especially about Truro. This article is about one of her relatives of whom she is rightly proud. The story of his act of heroism may not be new to you but this chance to read about it from the pen of one…Continue Reading “Benjamin Wall – A Quiver Hero”

On 25 February 1922 Isaac Foot was elected to the House of Commons as Liberal MP for the Cornish constituency of Bodmin in a byelection. This event was to lead to one of the most famous careers in Cornish politics. In the short term it was seen at the state level as a key milestone…Continue Reading “Remembering the Bodmin By-election of 1922”

We are indebted to Karin Easton, President of the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies, for putting pen to paper to tell the story of the organisation’s amazing milestone. One hundred years is a splendid achievement and we are pleased to add our congratulations to the many already received.   The Federation of Old Cornwall Societies…Continue Reading “Celebrating the Centenary of the Old Cornwall Movement”

Once again, Tony Mansell leads us into his world of folklore, myth and legend involving an iconic bridge which really has left a lasting impression on him. This bitter-sweet love story was the winner of the Gorsedh Kernow 2010 – Short Story set in Cornwall.   My heart beats faster as I spot a column…Continue Reading “Black Bridge”

Paul Phillips (Kaffler Rannyeth) relays the little-known story of a wartime deception which fooled the Germans and probably saved Falmouth Docks. (An extract taken from a more inclusive Paper on the History of Nare Point)   “The war robbed me of my youth”.                                                                                         “They were the best days of my life”.                                                                                                  “People were so…Continue Reading “Nare Point WWII Decoy Unit”