The second Bethesda Chapel in River Street, Truro   For many years Bethesda Chapel occupied a prominent position in Truro. Two buildings in River Street carried the name, the first before the street was created, when the River Kenwyn ran past its “front door”.  This is the story of those chapels but their history would…Continue Reading “Bethesda”

Tid’n Onen hag Oll this Mayor

Bert Biscoe shares his thoughts on a subject which affects all who care about Kernow. You may agree or disagree with his view but it cannot be denied that the decision will have far-reaching consequences.   Tid’n Onen hag Oll this Mayor   To tell a People whose modern mythology includes the rejection of sugar…Continue Reading “Tid’n Onen hag Oll this Mayor”

The peaceful and pleasant scene of Readymoney Beach, Fowey, portrayed here is in complete contrast to the event which Muriel Mansell relates in this true story. A story of a young girl who chose to resolve her problems in the only way she thought possible. Thankfully, few of us will experience such a horrific and…Continue Reading “Polly Foot’s Cove”

Susan Coney brings us the history of N Gill and Son, arguably, the leading retailer and manufacturer of drapery, ladies and gentlemen’s attire and house furnishing in Truro for 120 years, from 1833 to 1953. The owners, especially William Nicholas Gill and his son Arthur William Gill, were prominent and philanthropic members of the Truro…Continue Reading “N Gill and Son – a very successful Truro Family Business for 120 years”

Henry ‘Ardmore’ Sandercock – Cornish Artist

Maureen Adams (née Sandercock) of Lostwithiel has put proverbial pen to paper to portray her famous Cornish artist ancestor, Henry ‘Ardmore’ Sandercock, but as she says in her family connections section at the end, “I have no idea what relation that makes him to me!”   Henry was baptised on the 24th February 1833 in…Continue Reading “Henry ‘Ardmore’ Sandercock – Cornish Artist”

Whose Eclipse?

Alan Murton reflects on one of those events when everyone can recall where they were.   How familiar are the words of Genesis 1vv 1-31, particularly: “God said: ‘Let there be light’ and there was light.  And God saw the light that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness?”  How many…Continue Reading “Whose Eclipse?”