Mapping Methodism – Mission Hall – King Street Chapel, Redruth (Mr Wilson’s chapel)

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King Street is in the western part of Reduth. This profile of Mission Hall – King Street Chapel or Mr Wilson’s chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


The Mission Hall was possibly related to Methodism but its work was available to all.

Located in King Street, near the junction with Rose Hill.

Extant C19 mission hall, built in 1868 as The Redruth Town Mission. Established in the heart of impoverished courts at the time. It was headed by a Town Missionary who ran a night school here in addition to preaching and tending the sick (1). (Heritage Gateway)

(Photo: Jo Lewis)

1868: Build date.

The first Redruth Town Missionary was J.W. Wilson, who founded a school “for the education of the children of the extremely poor in Redruth”.

The work of Mr Wilson, the Town Missionary was amongst the poverty stricken and destitute residents of the Town. His job was to reach out to the social outcasts, and the sick and dying; ensuring that these people received food, clothing and bedding. He would also give them the Christian message.

1870: Mr Wilson visited 2986 families over the year and he made 724 visits to the sick. His assistant Miss Angove visited 4261 families and made 2021 visits to the sick. These figures reveal the extent of the poverty, deprivation and illness in the Town and District at this time. Mr Wilson became so well known in the Town that in one census the address of the Hall used for the Town Mission was shown as “Mr. Wilson’s Chapel”.

1885: A report stated that the number of pupils attending the Redruth Town Mission School amounted to 230. “Recently they (the children of the Town Mission School) had a tea provided, but before the tea they paraded the principal thoroughfares headed by a band … there were about 80 little children, all in patched-up garments, some with mended shoes, some without any, some with cast-off boots far too large … … … the thin, pale faces of many of the children bore traces of poverty and privation … … … ” (West Briton)

REDRUTH TOWN MISSION. Although the Churches and Chapels of our town are largely and regularly attended, it should not be overlooked, that there are very many in the district who apparently ignore the claims that religion has on them and are rarely. if ever, found in any place of worship. To those who are identified with Mission Work, it is well-known fact that an insufficiency of food and clothing, to some extent, accounts for the continued absence the poorer classes, who are plentiful amongst us: but the main reason, and the one most difficult to grapple with is, it is feared, Indifference … (Cornubian and Redruth Times – Friday 06 February 1891)

REDRUTH TOWN MISSION. The Redruth Town Mission Sunday School went to Marazion for their annual trip on Thursday, leaving Redruth at 8.25 a.m.. and returning from Marazion at 8.30 by special train. The weather was all that one could desire, and the little folks were determined to make the best of it, not a moment of the day seems to have been lost by them, but from the time they entered the grounds in the morning till they left night the swinge. &c.. were in constant demand. Many also were busy on the sands and some strolled across to the Mount, while others found themselves ultimately in Penzance, but by five o’clock all found their way back again to the grounds tired and hungry. No sooner had they done justice to a well provided tea, than they seemed to have forgotten their tiredness, and games of all sorts were resorted as if it was only in the morning. It would a thousand pities that these little folks should deprived of at least one day by the seaside, it is worthy of note that the teachers sought in every way to make the little ones happy as possible. Much praise is also due to Mr Treglown and his helpers for their kindness and consideration we wish them every success. About 20 of the little ones who could not join on that occasion were served with good tea at home the next day. (Cornubian and Redruth Times – Friday 04 August 1899)

There are many newspaper reports of the Missions meetings and activities.

1861 to 1946: Redruth Town Mission was supported by donations from a number of churches and members of the wider community.






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