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Dowran is to the southeast of St Just. This profile of Dowran Wesleyan Chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


Dowran chapel is on the corner at the east of the village.

A Wesleyan Methodist chapel is recorded in the south-eastern corner of Dowran on the 1st and 2nd Edition 1:2500 1880 and 1907 OS Maps. Now demolished though some walls may still be extant. (Cornwall Heritage Gateway)

15 Mar 1841: Lease, land for Dowran Wesleyan Chapel, St Just in Penwith. Parties: 1) Jakeh James, yeoman, of St Just in Penwith. 2) William Bennetts, Henry James and Henry John, yeomen; John Boyens, Thomas Hicks and Henry Taylor, mine agents; John Eddy, Joseph Hocking, Pascoe Hocking, Henry Smith, Edmund Thomas and John Roberts, all miners; Stephen Roberts, shoemaker, all of St Just in Penwith. 3) Reverend Thomas Jewell, superintendent minister, Wesleyan Society. Plot of land, 27×22 feet, part of garden in Dowran, for building Wesleyan chapel. Consideration: £5. (Kresen Kernow MRSJ/159)

16 Mar 1841: Release, land for Dowran Wesleyan Chapel, St Just in Penwith. Release of MRSJ/159. (Kresen Kernow MRSJ/160)


1841: Build date. (SWChurches)

Built as a Wesleyan Chapel. (SWChurches)

Part of St Just Wesleyan Circuit. (SWChurches)

The chapel had seats for 90. (West Penwith Resources)

1851: E. I. Sturges was minister. (West Penwith Resources)

1873: Survey reports 70 seats. (West Penwith Resources)

1887: Re-opening following several weeks of repairs. (Cornishman – Thursday 06 October 1887)

1904: Chapel and Sunday school renovated. (Cornishman – Thursday 21 July 1904)

1920: Chapel renovated. (Cornishman – Wednesday 07 January 1920)

1932: The Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and the United Methodist Church amalgamated to become the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

1932: Became Dowran Methodist Church. (SWChurches)

Part of St Just Methodist Circuit. (SWChurches)

1940: Seating for 100. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

By 1948 the chapel was in a ruinous state, the roof having fallen in three years previously. (SWChurches)

1948: Closure. (SWChurches) Probably 1945 considering the state of the building.

Mar-Nov 1948: Correspondence, proposed sale of Dowran Methodist Church, St Just in Penwith. Correspondence between Department of Chapel Affairs and the Reverend Williams and his successor, the Reverend Luke, St Just Methodist Circuit, concerning sale of chapel, which is in a ruinous state, as the roof fell in three years previously. (Kresen Kernow MRSJ/163)

1948-1949: Correspondence, acquisition of Dowran Methodist Church, St Just in Penwith. Correspondence from Lord Falmouth’s agent concerning proposed acquisition of chapel building. (Kresen Kernow MRSJ/164)

1948 -1949: Deeds of sale.

Became a storage barn which may be a conversion or a rebuild on the site.

Became a farm store. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)






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