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Hellesveor is a short distance to the west of St Ives. This profile of Hellesveor Wesleyan Chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


Heading West on Higher Stennack, taking the B3311 to Penzance, the church can be seen on the right, set back from the road. An older chapel is next door.

Hellesveor Methodist Chapel is very much a country chapel situated just outside the town of St Ives. The chapel benefits from having quite a large car park, a Sunday school room and disabled access. The chapel was originally situated in the hamlet of Trezelah and was moved and rebuilt in its current location. The original chapel on the site then became its Sunday school room. Hellesveor was made famous in Cornwall when its blind organist penned the Cornish Carol ‘Hellesveor’, which Cornish carol choirs sing. (West Cornwall Circuit )

Wesleyan chapel depicted on 1st and 2nd Edition 1:2500 OS Map (b1, b2), Which later became the Sunday school for an attached c1937 chapel (b2). Now disused. Low walls of coursed granite, half hipped roof and end entrance. Large painted inscription ‘Hellesveor 1844’. Listed in Stell (b1). (Cornwall Heritage Gateway)


1844 Chapel

(Photo: Henry Hawkins circa 1896)

(Photo: A. K. Hamilton Jenkin courtesy Leonard Edwards)

1844: Build date.

Built as a Wesleyan Chapel.

Seating for 152.

1851: William Burgess completed the return.

1873 survey reports 120 seats.

1877: Shown on maps.

1922: “… Hellesveor Wesleyan Sunday-school had their annual tea-treat Wednesday, St Ives Silver Prize Band supplying the music.” (16 August 1922 – Cornishman)

15th June 1030: Chapel re-opened following renovation by the young men of the chapel (Cornishman – Thursday 26 June 1930)

1932: The Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and the United Methodist Church amalgamated to become the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

1932: Became Hellesveor Methodist Chapel

Circa 1937: The chapel became the Sunday school.


1937 Chapel

The 1937 Chapel (Photo: Jo Lewis)

At Trezelah, north of Gulval, there was a newer chapel built in 1905, this was moved stone by stone in 1937 to the new setting here at Hellesveor.

“NEW CHAPEL AT HELLSVEOR THE STONE LAYING CEREMONY. There are perhaps few churches or chapels in St Ives circuit which have more faithful band of workers than those connected with the little chapel at Hellesveor… For some years past, however, it has been evident that a larger building ought to be acquired, and the members set to work with zeal and enthusiasm to raise funds… Then a more substantial gift was made by the late Mr. Samuel Berriman until the fund increased to such an extent that the officials were encouraged to go ahead with the building of larger premises. They were fortunate in being presented with the site by the late Sir Edward Hain and recently it came to their knowledge that the granite-built chapel at Trezelah, in the Penzance circuit, was for sale. Here was an opportunity to obtain the material required and after negotiations the officials at Hellesveor decided to purchase this building. Mr. A. Geoffrey Bazeley (Penzance) was appointed architect, and tenders were asked for to demolish the building at Trezelah and re-build it at Hellesveor. Mr J. H. Daniel (St. Ives) was successful in securing this contract, and work of demolishing was started a few weeks ago. The work was carefully carried out, and the material brought to Hellesveor. Stone by stone the building is to be re-erected, and thus will continue to be used for the same religious purpose as hitherto. A large number of Methodists assembled at Hellesveor on Thursday afternoon, when an impressive stone-laying ceremony took place… Eleven stones were then well and truly laid… Through accepting the opportunity of purchasing the chapel Trezelah the Hellesveor folk had saved at least £600. Altogether, the sum of £1.680 was needed to defray the cost of the building and towards this £1,400 had been raised…” (Cornishman – Thursday 19 August 1937)

“HELLESVEOR NEW METHODIST CHAPEL OPENING CEREMONY. To the singing of “Praise ye the Lord,” there began at Hellesveor, St. Ives, on Tuesday afternoon, ceremony which will mark an historic occasion in the annals of local Methodism – the opening of the new Hellesveor Methodist Church. Behind the erection of this building, which stands at the top of the Stennack where the road turns off to Zennor there lies a story of zealous endeavour and selflessness of aim in accord with what is best in the great traditions of the church which Wesley founded. The new chapel was built with stone from the chapel at Trezelah, Gulval, which was dismantled bit by bit and conveyed to the new site. It was designed by Mr. Geoffrey A. Bazeley, of Penzance, in a pleasing simple style of architecture. The erection of the church arose from a happy co-operation similar to that which inspired the building of the church at Trezelah and the old church at Hellesveor, which was erected 1844. The new building seats about 160 people, but so many were present at the opening ceremony that extra accommodation had to be provided. The chapel was opened by Mr. C. V. Thomas, Camborne, to whom the key was handed Mr. Bazeley. A full report appeared in our earlier editions.” (Cornishman – Thursday 06 January 1938)


The following photographs were provided by Barry West

The 1937 Chapel with the 1844 Chapel to the right

1936 to 1964: Shown on maps.

2021: The chapel is still active.





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