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Tregajorran is a hamlet 2.5 miles southwest of Redruth, in the civil parish of Carn Brea. This profile of Tregajorran Wesleyan Chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


From Station Road (Pool), take the right turn onto Dudnance Lane and then the left at the lights, to cross the railway. As the road bends to the right, take the small road straight on, signposted Tregajorran. A right bend becomes Chapel Hill and the chapel was quite a way up here on the left. It is now replaced by two low buildings but the gateposts possibly remain.


1830s Chapel

1830s: Chapel built. (Carn Brea Trail 1)

Seating for 210. (Carn Brea Trail 1)

1849: Estimated congregation was 175 but after the division of the Methodist Church in 1849 the numbers had dwindled.  (Carn Brea Trail 1)


1851 Chapel

Tregajorran Chapel

The site of Wesleyan chapel plus attached Sunday school, demolished 1996. This was an imposing example with stuccoed walls and a dry slate roof designed in the Italianate Gothic style and was completely unaltered until demolished. (Cornwall Heritage Gateway)

1851: New chapel built on the same site of the present chapel on a lease from the Basset family. (Carn Brea Trail 1)

21 Apr 1854: Certificate of registration, Tregajorran Wesleyan Chapel, Illogan. Certificate of registration as place of religious worship. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1790)

Various alterations and extensions were carried out.

3 Jul 1878: Sketch ground plan, Chapel site, Tregajorran Wesleyan Chapel, Illogan. By Tehidy office, Camborne. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1791)

1887: “Messrs. Turner, Mason, and Mills, builders. Camborne, have taken the contract for the enlargement and alteration of Tregajorran Wesleyan chapel, near Cam Brea station.” (Cornubian and Redruth Times – Friday 22 July 1887)

1887: Extra vestry built. (Carn Brea Trail 1)

1906: “Tregajorran. The tea treat was held Saturday. The teachers and scholars assembled at the school and forming a procession headed by Camborne Town Band, perambulated the neighbourhood, afterwards adjourning to a field kindly lent by Mr. Chas. Rule for tea. …” (21 July 1906 – Cornubian and Redruth Times)

1908: “Tregajorran. … Wesley Sunday school was held on Saturday. Notwithstanding the inclement weather the school …, headed by Camborne Town Band. Tea was served indoors, and, in the evening, the weather clearing, an enjoyable time was spent.” (16 July 1908 – Cornubian and Redruth Times)

1908: Foundation stones for schoolroom laid. (Cornubian and Redruth Times – Thursday 30 July 1908)

1908: The vestry was replaced by a schoolroom.

1909: Re-opening after new schoolroom, new roof, new front and seating. (Cornubian and Redruth Times – Thursday 03 June 1909)

20th century: Seat rents and duties, Chapel keeper, Tregajorran Methodist Church, Illogan. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1802)

1920: “Prior to the outbreak of war, the trustees of the Chapel, Tregajorran, had made a contract for the erection of a new organ. During the war was impossible for the contract to be fulfilled, but recently fresh contract has been signed for an organ to be installed at total cost of £350 … The officials and members of the church at Tregajorran have for a long time been working assiduously to raise the necessary amount for this organ, and have a substantial amount to their credit at the bank, but under the existing depression in the district they will naturally need all the assistance they can get to enable them to raise the last contributions from those who were formally associated with this church, whether at home or in foreign lands, will be thankfully received and acknowledged …” (Cornishman – Wednesday 22 September 1920)

6 Nov 1923: Note of dispensation, nomination by Superintendent Minister, Tregajorran Wesleyan Chapel, Illogan. Note of dispensation from trustees of nomination of trustees by Superintendent Minister. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1792)

c1923: Consent form, new trustees, Tregajorran Wesleyan Chapel, Illogan. Not dated. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1793)

c1920-1930: Plan, proposed heating system, Tregajorran Wesleyan Chapel, Illogan. Renovation of Wesleyan church; proposed medium pressure heating scheme, with ground plan of chapel, gallery and heating chamber; by R Alger and Sons, Redruth and Newport. (Kresen Kernow MRCR/460)

1932: The Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and the United Methodist Church amalgamated to become the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

21 Mar 1933: Certificate of registration, marriages, Tregajorran Methodist Church, Illogan. For the solemnization of marriages. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1794)

1940: Seating for 250. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

18 Nov 1941: Form, adoption of new model deed, Tregajorran Methodist Church, Illogan. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1795)

Painted memorial plaque, Tregajorran Methodist Church, Illogan. Inscribed: ‘This window is given in memory of Mr and Mrs B T Brokenshire. To the Glory of God’. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1435/1)

1949: Re-opening following decorating and repairs. (Cornishman – Thursday 08 September 1949)

1915-1959: Seat rents, Tregajorran Methodist Church, Illogan. Includes list of trustees. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1802/1)

6 Oct 1992: Copy covering letter, deeds of Roscroggan and Tregajorran Methodist Churches, Illogan. Letter from Eleanor Williams, circuit office, Camborne to Alan Butterfield, Walters and Barbary, solicitors. (Kresen Kernow MRCB/1788)

1992: Closed. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

1996: Demolished. (Cornwall Heritage Gateway)

Housing on site. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

The war memorial tablet was preserved and is now relocated to Treloweth community hall.



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