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Threemilestone is a small village in the civil parish of Kenwyn, located precisely three miles west of Truro. Threemilestone has grown in recent years, as housing estates to the west have been developed. This profile of Threemilestone Methodist Chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


Threemilestone Methodist Chapel (Photo: Jo Lewis)

Threemilestone Methodist history includes the Bible Christian Chapel / United Methodist chapel at Greenbottom where the attendance was decreasing and the existing chapel closed.

1973: Work began on Threemilestone Methodist Chapel. (Threemilestone Methodist Chapel website)

Threemilestone Methodist Chapel incorporated congregations from other local Methodist chapels.

20th October 1973: The foundation stone of Threemilestone Methodist Chapel was laid on by Alderman J.M. Scoble. (Threemilestone Methodist Chapel website)

2nd May 1974: Opening Ceremony and Service of Dedication. Attending and participating at the opening were The Rev. A. John Lawton B.D. (Minister), The Rev. Peter Bolt B.D. (Superintendant of the Truro Circuit), The Rev. A. Bernard Franklin (former Minister of the Greenbottom section of the Truro Circuit and now present Chairman of the District), and The Rev. J. Russell-Pope (President-elect of the Methodist Conference). (Threemilestone Methodist Chapel website)

1983: Extension built at the side and the rear comprising three new rooms. The building took four months to complete at a cost of £20,000 much of which was raised by the congregation. (Threemilestone Methodist Chapel website)

3rd March 1984: Extension opening ceremony and service of dedication. Present and taking part were Rev J. Michael Taylor B.D., B.A (Minister), Rev. Clifford Johnson B.A (Superintendant Minister), Rev. R.O. Dunstone (Guest and Former Minister), and the Opener – Rev. Ian Haile B.Met. (Chairman of the Cornwall District of the Methodist Church) (Threemilestone Methodist Chapel website)


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