Luminaries and Lanterns

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In another article on present day Cornish artists, Rebecca Jaswinder Leest of St Agnes brings us a collection of her atmospheric paintings entitled “Luminaries and Lanterns” (Springtime 2020)

Luminaries and Lanterns is a collection of illustrations which connects the Mundane World of the 2020 lockdown, with an escape route to a mysterious Underworld.

A place where all is possible.

The Lamps and Lanterns of this Underworld are all lit with a phosphorus light that Nikola Tesla himself invented.

Sadly, his idea of clean free energy is still suppressed in the Mundane World.

On the theme of Light, there are things that make me feel light-hearted, for instance music, flowers, being loved, singing, and my dog Griffin.

The pubs represent the longing to connect with others and feel a sense of belonging somewhere.

“The Garden of Rest” and “Just past Sunshine” are depicting the importance of creative isolation.

Where painful experiences may be transformed into practical self-expression.

The pathways are symbolising a journey of self-discovery.

I Love the Wild Places.

II An Enchanting Starlit Night.

III Gentiana Verna. The Spring Gentian.

IV Myosotis Sylvatica. The Wood Forget- Me-Not.


V The St Agnes Hotel. With everlasting Stars. 2020.

VI The Railway Inn, St Agnes, and other buildings of Character at Night. 2020.

VII The Garden of Rest, St Agnes, in the Springtime of 2020.

VIII The Railway Inn, St Agnes, in the Daylight. Springtime 2020.


IX Spirit and Sensation.

X Moved by Moonlight.

XI A Full Moon with Celestial Dogs.

XII The Diddikai and her Star.


‘The Diddikai Star’

By Rebecca Jaswinder Leest (6/12/20)

Within the sounds of the railway lines, by the gritty, red sandstone wall,

The iron boot-scraper built into the bricks, close to the dining hall.

The year was 1976, and the theme was ‘Back in Time’,

There were books of wisdom baked into the bricks, I could see them etched in lime.

Victorians built tunnels, from Victorian terraces,

To places where the Workers went. History archives tell of this.

Long before this was The Great Wild Marsh, and gardens by the river.

Turnpike Close, The Rookery, and sailing ships for ever.

I needed to wander far away, I wandered far and wide,

Exploring, searching, journeying to store History inside.

I saw terraced streets demolished, History taken down,

Roses left neglected by an uncaring town,

I still had to travel, it is natural for me, camping, hitch-hiking with back-pack,

Did chambermaid work on the Isles of Scilly, now live in a house like a Posh-Rat.

Now a Key-Worker cleaner with combat-boots, I find some peace and love,

My thoughts are my own, as I hoover the stairs, and sweep down the cobwebs above.


XIII We Watch and Wonder.

XIV Luminosity and Pathways.

XV Love Vintage Styles.

XVI Both See Bright and Crystal Clear.


XVII Have A Passion for Music.

XVIII We both light the Ancient Nocturnal World.

XIX With Phosphorescence, Magic, and The Storyteller.

XX Just Past Sunshine, in the Village of St Agnes. Springtime 2020.


XXI We Shine All Night.

XXII These are Free, and these are Free.

XXIII They are both from Arcadia.

XXIV A Fair Light rises.

The Driftwood Spars 2022 by Rebecca Jaswinder Leest





Rebecca Jaswinder Leest

I was born in Bridgwater in 1966 and attended Somerset College of Arts and Technology where I was awarded a National Diploma in Art and Design. After that I achieved a 2:1 BA Honours in Fine Art at North Staffordshire Polytechnic.

I then undertook seasonal work on the Isles of Scilly as a Chambermaid at the Hell Bay Hotel, Bryher. I have lived in St Agnes for about 20 years and am married with two children. I have been a self-employed artist for over ten years and currently I am also a self- employed Key Worker cleaner.

I am interested in Arts in the Community, and hope to keep learning new skills. I have had several art exhibitions: The Victoria Studios, Penzance in 1993, Cape Cornwall Golf and Country Club in 2000, Botallack Count House near St Just in 2002, St Agnes Church Hall in 2003, Over the Moon Gallery, St Agnes 2008 and St Agnes Hotel 2010. I have exhibited and sold paintings through the Redwing Gallery in Penzance and the Trelissick Gallery near Truro. I have had artwork published by Spartan Press who have used my designs for music score covers and one of my paintings has been used as an album cover by a Cornish Folk Music band.

I use oil paints on canvas and wooden panels, and acrylics on wooden boxes which I varnish after painting my designs on them. I have attended many craft fairs where I have sold my painted wooden boxes, and cards depicting my paintings. I use a lot of symbolism in my paintings and am influenced by Folk tales, Mythology, History, Legends and Fairy Tales.

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