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Froshie Evans recently performed Godrevy at the Writers’ Block Speakeasy during the 2019 Great Estate Festival. Cornish Story are pleased to be able to publish it online for the first time.

Part One.

We take off our shoes.
Rough against rough skin,
Clock dandelions drift along the breeze.
Make a wish.
The sun aggressively kisses my shoulders,
My hands,
As my fingers gently caress the ground.

The water in the pool is warm and soothing.
It washes the grime away,
and the dust,
And the anger.

And the fear.

Silver and glass
Press against chips of glass,
It is soft.
Soft because it’s damaged,
Like you.

The sea is not whispering,
It’s usual gentle ebb and flow.
It’s roaring at us,
The rip tide tears a fissure.
White scars on sapphire, on porcelain.
White scars I wish I could erase.

Wet seaweed glistens in the brilliant light.
The world has a sheen,
Outside is much more beautiful
Than pictures on a wall.
Peace will come soon.
I should know.
I will lead you to the lighthouse.

Part 2

Children playing.
Childs pose.
Tiny tents and tiny tempers.
Pink towels
Blue towels
Picnic blankets.
Fox stickers, floral stickers
Notebooks and green biro pens.

Bicycles, two of those.
Safety flags,
Sun cream,
And life guards in land rovers.
Women embrace their bodies,
Women hide their bodies,
Their beauty,
Their scars
And cellulite
Men in shorts have the luxury of not.
Water bottles sand castles toe rings and tattoos’.

A lighthouse
A beach house
Car parks with ice cream vans
And ohmygod-Josh-is-going-to-be-a-dad-
Rock pools and rocks and mussels and pringles

And a train ticket. A new set of keys.

I won’t see you again.


© Froshie Evans 2019

If you enjoyed Godrevy, you can explore more of Froshie’s work on her creative writing blog.

Froshie Evans
Froshie is a writer based in Helston, whose poetry focuses on human interactions with the natural world. She also writes scripts and novels, her current work in progress is a contemporary kitchen sink drama about a boy and his pet rats.

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