The Giant on St Michael’s Mount

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Local educator and entrepreneur Charity Wilson brings the mythology of St Michael’s Mount to life with her short poem and artwork about the giants who once lived on the Mount.

The giant on St Michael’s Mount
is quite misunderstood.
He’s totted up a sad headcount,
not like a giant should.

He only ever squished one wife
with a boulder to the head
She couldn’t catch to save her life
so ended up quite dead.

She nagged him to make grand their pad,
toss boulders, stack them high.
Alas, she caught one in the face –
death by DIY.

Both bungling builders slumber now,
their stony hearts beat loud;
I wish they’d wake and stomp around
and do their species proud.


Image and content © Charity Wilson 2019.

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Born and bred in Penwith, Charity's writing has been inspired by local myths and legends. Having read English Literature at UWE, she completed a postgraduate Diploma in Professional Writing at Falmouth University before moving into teaching. She now runs Mappix - an educational software company - writing and illustrating whenever time allows.

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