FXU: Celtic Society

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In the aftermath of St. Piran’s Day, we bring you a celtic theme this month with input from the FXU Celtic Society at Falmouth and Exeter University. Read more below to find out what they offer to those studying in Cornwall.

We have recently set up a Celtic Society for Falmouth and Exeter university students. This society aims to promote and celebrate the Celtic cultural identities of Cymru (Wales), Eire (Ireland), Alba (Scotland), Kernow (Cornwall), Breizh (Brittany) and Mannin (The Isle of Man).

We felt that the setting up of this society was overdue. Our student union already had many cultural societies affiliated to it, but none dedicated to Celtic culture. This struck us as odd. Our university is based in Cornwall, many students come from Celtic nations such as Wales and Ireland. Students have also continually expressed interest in Celtic customs. We believed that there was sufficient desire for a pan-Celtic experience which can be inclusive of everyone.

The society hopes to be educational, offering informative sessions relating to Celtic culture, such as lectures. It also has the scope to offer great social opportunities to students through social events, such as film screenings and pub outings. Ultimately, we hope that students can participate in a rich culture and that it can give them an authentic Celtic university experience.

The committee of Celtic Society has recently been getting a feel for what sort of events people would be interested in, with student input encouraged. The support and interest we have already received at St Piran’s Day celebrations at Penryn campus was great. We see that we can organise an excellent itinerary of events for our next academic year. This society has bright prospects.