Dean Evans is an authority on John Passmore Edwards having written the book “Funding the Ladder” and delivered many talks about his life. Here, he has condensed it into an article for Cornish Story.   “Funding the Ladder” by Dean Evans The engraved stone over the doorway to the Blackwater village hall states that the…Continue Reading “The Passmore Edwards Legacy: John Passmore Edwards, the man who built libraries, and much more.”

Emily Charlotte Ould

We caught up with former Cornish Story Editor Emily Charlotte Ould, to hear about where her passion for writing, Cornwall and cowboy boots have taken her since working for Cornish Story as a student. From Bath to Texas, and home again. Could you tell us something about your personal story: your interests and motivations?  I…Continue Reading “Spotlight on Emily Charlotte Ould”

Kerdhes Adro Arwennack

This is a very personal story of one particular day, but it should be helpful, I hope, to people carrying out all sorts of research in Cornwall. It started with my grandmother’s family. I did not know much about them and so I carried out some online research. Their name was Grey and they lived…Continue Reading “Kerdhes Adro Arwennack”

Tony Mansell brings us the engaging story of Alfred Solomon, a “Trura Boy,” who travelled thousands of miles to follow his faith. It was a huge step for this young man who was destined to become involved in both the religious and civic aspects of life in his chosen country.     It seems that the…Continue Reading “Bishop Alfred Solomon – a Trura Boy”

Whilst collecting information for my books and stories I have interviewed many people, each with a tale to tell. It is surprising, therefore, that although my mother has led an interesting life, I had never sat down with pen and paper to record her story. The situation has now been remedied and this is just…Continue Reading “My Literary Friend”

Join Sue Ellery-Hill as she chats about the upcoming book launch for Brenda Wootton’s biography. I’m sure other people must have parents who dwell for a while in the full spotlight of public attention… I found it, initially exciting, then challenging, at times boring, irritating and downright annoying, but ultimately – exhilarating – and was…Continue Reading “Writing about your mother… Brenda Wootton’s Biography”