Our series on Cornish Music is back, join Phillip Hunt for his passionate insight into the life of his Cornish music hero – George Lloyd. Mention the name George Lloyd in any discussion regarding our most prominent Cornishmen and it is probable that you will be met with a blank look. Yet his name should be better known, particularly…Continue Reading “Music Kernow – George Lloyd, The Great Cornish Composer”

In the first of the series on Cornish Music, Tony Mansell presents a vivid history of the world of the brass band in Cornwall. Brass Bands were once at the heart of every Cornish community and in constant demand at the various secular and religious events. They performed a great service and almost every village and…Continue Reading “Music Kernow – Just Brass”

Join Tony Mansell as he introduces the Music Kernow series, a series celebrating Cornwall’s important relationship with music through the ages. It serves us in sorrow and in joy, it helps our celebrations, it cuts across barriers and calms our anger. What could it be but music? Yet, like so many things that we take for granted,…Continue Reading “Music Kernow – Introduction”

Duchy Ballet: The Snow Queen

Contributing writer Emma Gibbs uncovers what it was like to be behind the scenes at one of Duchy Ballet’s dance rehearsals. The Duchy Ballet will be performing The Snow Queen and Stepping Out to Gershwin at the Hall For Cornwall on the 11th and 12th of March.  The Duchy Ballet is a non-profit organization that helps inspire and…Continue Reading “Duchy Ballet: The Snow Queen”

Shana Rose is a local folk/indie singer. Currently living in Falmouth, she writes her own songs and lyrics using inspiration from people around her. This interview with the young musician offers a more detailed and personal insight into her life and her music. You can view her website here. “Ever since I could speak I…Continue Reading “Meet Shana Rose: Folk/Indie Artist”

Salt and Sky are a Cornish folk band. They perform in many venues, all the while maintaining the rustic heartfelt roots of Cornwall. Read on to discover more. In 2013, Emma Packer and Lizzie Pridmore started their own Cornish folk band called Salt and Sky. Armed with nothing more than two fiddles and a pair…Continue Reading “Meet Cornish Folk Duo: Salt and Sky”