Thomas J. Kennedy is a sub editor with Cornish Story Online and an active contributor to the cultural research of the Institute of Cornish Studies. In this article he focuses on the charming art work of the Probus-based Cathy Stringer as the first instalment of a new series highlighting the work of present day Cornish…Continue Reading “Cathy Stringer of Probus”

Part one of the introduction by T J Kennedy to this series gave a panoramic over view which covered global aspects of the topic. In this section he discusses Cornish facets of the subject matter in greater depth. Much has been written reference Cornish myths and folklore. For example, Craig Weatherhill and Paul Devereux in…Continue Reading “Cornish Myths & Legends – Part Two”

Tom Kennedy returns with the first of a 2 part introduction to his new series Folklore, Myths and Legends of Cornwall. The second part will be available next month. In the meantime, you can read previous submissions in the series here. Introduction The forthcoming twelve part series entitled Folklore, Myths and Legends will unsurprisingly discuss topics…Continue Reading “Folklore, Myths and Legends of Cornwall: Introduction part 1 – ‘Configuration’”

Regular contributor and sub-editor Tom Kennedy is back with this insight into his new series, Folklore, Myths and Legends of Cornwall. In this article, Tom introduces some of the esteemed academics and contributors who will be supporting him and provides an insight into what you can expect over the coming months. Folklore and mythology are an integral part…Continue Reading “Insight into the upcoming ‘Folklore, Myths and Legends of Cornwall’ series”

Hawkins Arms Pub

In the first of a series covering the history of Cornish pubs and ale houses, join Tom Kennedy as he reveals a brief history of the Hawkins Arms in Probus and how much (or how little) the pub has changed since it was first built. The purpose of this script, in principle, is to look at…Continue Reading “Hawkins Arms: Now & Then”