South Crofty Revived by Bert Biscoe

    Ah! We’ll sit beside the aching Bal To hold our heart between its knees – Still hands, uncalloused now Stir melancholy’s slow reprise – It suits the eye to always choose To stare at slowly moving ground Beneath soft sandalled shuffled soles Where nail’d steps once rang their sound, And, pressed beneath the…Continue Reading “South Crofty Revived by Bert Biscoe”

At a Corner Which is Forever Kernow

Bert Biscoe (Photo Steve Tanner)   Vyager gans Geryow (Bert Biscoe) lives in Truro. He is a poet and songwriter whose work draws on his interest in history, politics, social justice and language. He represents the people of Boscawen Division on Cornwall Council. The Division was formerly called ‘Moresk’ – an unbroken link from civic…Continue Reading “At a Corner Which is Forever Kernow”

This month, Bert Biscoe reads ‘A Shadow Departs’, a touching poem dedicated to the memory of Clarice Mortenson-Fowler who sadly passed away aged 97 on New Years eve 2013. The daughter of the Captain of a Merchant Schooner, Clarice lived her entire life in Truro, where she became a well known and popular figure. She was…Continue Reading “A Shadow Departs – In memory of Clarice Mortenson-Fowler”

This month, Bert Biscoe returns with another hauntingly beautiful poetry reading. Pull up a pew for his reading of ‘Map Truro’.     If you enjoyed ‘Map Truro’, you can read more of our Cornish themed poems here, and Bert’s last offering ‘Boy Basset and his Monument’ here. Join us next month for more in our poetry…Continue Reading “Map Truro”

This month Bert Biscoe returns with ‘Boy Basset and his Monument’, a touching poem about Francis Basset, 1st Baron de Dunstanville, and the Basset Memorial on Carn Brea which was dedicated to him following his death.     Bert Biscoe (Photo: Steve Tanner)

This month, we have Bert Biscoe reading his touching poem about Cornwall’s capital city, ‘Trurra’.     Trurra! On three sides Trurra’s a bowl, rimmed by farms, Scooped out, as if by a grabbing fist, Rounded by the flowing waters of her three rivers, Plunged into, south, north and west by hand-cut roads; And…Continue Reading “Trurra”