Cornish Song

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Elizabeth Jane Timms is back with another poem in her Cornish themed mini-series. Her third offering, Cornish Song was influenced by the devastating beauty of Polridmouth Cove Beach. The other poems in Elizabeth’s series can be found here here.

I threw my love for you into the sea and you looked back,

In its eternal blue green gaze, tossing upon the waves its feverish passion,

As I sewed stars upon the sky with my needle, on its night velvet.

Looking out from the little window of the ruined castle,

I lay my head upon a rock and I watched the shadows of shipwrecks

Loom over the waves, silvered by the moon’s wand –

And my heart was as a barnacle upon a rock,

Remembered only by seagulls.

This was our affection in edges:

My drawing closer as your tide pulled away,

And my retreating as you came in,

Pursuing my love when I withdrew it

And pulling away when I ran towards you.


© Elizabeth Jane Timms 2019

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Title Image Credit: Polridmouth beach (Nilfanion [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]


Elizabeth Jane Timms
Elizabeth Jane Timms is a royal historian, freelance writer, research professional and poet, based in Oxford. She is a member of the Oxford Writers' Circle and the University of Oxford Poetry Society. She writes for journals, magazines, newsletters and the web. She divides her time between Oxford and London.

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