Waking Glasney Title

In May this year, Penryn Arts Festival covered the 750th anniversary of Glasney College. Above is a short film on the project by Shauna Osborne-Dowle along with her accompanying film statement. Below this statement is a short article covering the event, written by Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti. Film-maker’s Statement: First of all, I need to…Continue Reading “Short Film: Waking Glasney”

The Tamar Valley is an outstandingly beautiful area which possesses a rich industrial heritage and fascinating social history. Within this film, the story of the Tamar, both past and present, is recounted through oral testimony and archive film footage. Mining, market gardening, and fishing are some of the local industries that have nurtured kinship ties…Continue Reading “Kayleigh’s Story: Identity in the Tamar Valley”

Kernow in lights

Under St. Piran’s Flag is a short documentary film and report of the travels of two students – Kateřina Hassmanová and Lucie Javůrková from the University of Life Sciences Prague in the Czech Republic. These two students visited the westernmost tip of Great Britain twice –  in 2012 and 2013. In 2012, their colleague Filip Ivanov…Continue Reading “Under St Piran’s Flag”

Cornish Audio Visual Archive interview image

As part of a series of articles based on the varied Archives held across Cornwall, this is the second feature which focuses on the South West Film & Television Archive.  Author Shauna Osborne-Dowle also recounts her time working with the Archive in 2006 with a specific focus on Cornish content. The South West Film & Television Archive…Continue Reading “Archiving Cornwall: South West Film & Television Archive”

The poetry of Jenna White is inspired by her love of the Cornish coast. In this article for Cornish Story, Jenna reads her poem ‘As Waves Fall’ set to photographs of St Michael’s Mount by Sarah Chapman.

In mid-2012, the Cornish Audio Visual Archive were given several reels of film dating from the 1930s. They held unique images taken by a man, Cecil Baldwin, who visited Cornwall and Devon on holiday many times in his life. His affection for the South-west shows through in the recovered footage, the full version capturing nearly…Continue Reading “1930s Cornish Film”