Charles Chegwyn – A Grass Roots Bandsman

Charles Chegwyn By Tony Mansell   Henry Chegwyn (1829-1924), Charlie’s father, was born and died in Trevella, a house in Algers (Algiers on maps), Feock, which his father had built. He was a stonemason and at least two of his children, including Charles who is the subject of this article, followed him into that trade….Continue Reading “Charles Chegwyn – A Grass Roots Bandsman”

Nevil Northey Burnard (1818-1878)

Neville Northey Burnard was a Cornish sculptor born in the village of Altarnun, on the edge of Bodmin Moor. Paul Phillips of Helston tells the story of this talented man and his work.     Nevil Northey Burnard was the son of a stone mason, George Burnard. He was born and lived at Penpont, (Penpont was the…Continue Reading “Nevil Northey Burnard (1818-1878)”

Philip Sambell – Architect

Philip Sambell was undoubtedly an architect of considerable talent as many of his buildings testify. He was all the more remarkable because he had to battle against the twin infirmities of being both deaf and dumb. Cornish historian, Susan Coney brings us his story and details of some of the edifices which still bear his…Continue Reading “Philip Sambell – Architect”

Henry Sewell Stokes (1808-1895)

Henry Sewell Stokes Portrait by Edward Arthur Fellowes Prynne (1854–1921). Courtesy ArtUK – owned by Truro City Council and hangs in their Council Chambers.   Susan Coney, researcher and writer, devotes much of her time to all things Cornish. Here she turns her attention to a man who is arguably not as well-known as he…Continue Reading “Henry Sewell Stokes (1808-1895)”

Herbert Lean

  David Oates, himself a superb deliverer of Cornish dialect stories, brings us an article about Herbert Lean who he describes as the master storyteller. To back up this claim he includes an audio recording of Herbert telling the tale of the Penponds Outing.   Penponds Outing – Herbert Lean   The dialect stories of…Continue Reading “Herbert Lean”

Cornishman Phillip Hunt brings us the story behind the erection of the A L Rowse memorial and of his memories of his association and friendship with him.   The eminent Cornish Historian and Poet Dr Alfred Leslie Rowse CH passed away on 3rd October 1997 at his home at Trenarren, near St Austell, at the…Continue Reading “The A L Rowse Memorial at Black Head, Cornwall”