Alan Murton of Goonhavern was born and raised in Truro and here he recounts his memories of school life during the traumatic years of the Second World War.   I am conscious that Bosvigo School represents the biggest single influence in determining the course of my life. In that I would not expect to be…Continue Reading “Bosvigo School – Happy Memories 1938/44”

War Memorial at Kenwyn, a poem written and spoken by Bert Biscoe

This month we have another of Bert Biscoe’s poems. Sit back and listen to the engaging sound of Bert’s voice as he relates his thoughts about the war memorial at Kenwyn, in Truro. More of Bert’s Cornish themed poems can be found on this site by making a word search on his name.    …Continue Reading “War Memorial at Kenwyn, a poem written and spoken by Bert Biscoe”


We bring you another poem from the pen and voice of Bert Biscoe and hope it finds favour.       (Photo Steve Tanner) Vyager gans Geryow (Bert Biscoe) lives in Truro. He is a poet and songwriter whose work draws on his interest in history, politics, social justice and language. He represents the people…Continue Reading “Dumnonia”

Tony Mansell brings you another slice of brass band history garnished with an amusing account of the event in Cornish Dialect.   Nine bands attended the fifth brass band contest at Four Lanes in 1913, two in the first section and seven in the second. Those in the lower section: St Ives Town, Bugle Silver,…Continue Reading “The Extraordinary Band Contest”

Tony Mansell shares his mining experiences as he takes us underground to four Cornish mines but in particular to Cligga Mine in Perranzabuloe.   I had already been down three Cornish tin mines so the thought of a few hundred feet of granite above me was not of great concern, but those previous trips had…Continue Reading “A Trip to the Underworld”

The Dance of the Cornish Air

“Branded with folly and madness for attempting what the world calls impossibilities. This has been my reward from the public, but should this be all, I should be satisfied by the great secret pleasure and laudable pride that I feel in my own breast from having been the instrument of bringing forward new principles and…Continue Reading “The Dance of the Cornish Air”