Sue Ellery-Hill is back with another fascinating story in her Brenda Wootton mini-series. Following last month’s biography of Brenda’s penpal Nina Katorza, this month we focus on Nina’s grandmother – Sybella. Sue again utilises Nina’s letters, which combined with historical archives and records, provide a rich source of information for this melding of fantasy and realism….Continue Reading “Lamorna Wink”


Join Phil Carter in his short story The Five Pilchards this month on Cornish Story for another spooky read. You can read Phil’s previous short story here. Fishing nets hung loose from the ceiling. Pictures of old ships covered the walls. Low wooden beams and large sturdy tables painted a picture of stout, little Cornish fisherman drinking…Continue Reading “The Five Pilchards”

Cornish Sea

This month we have a short story by Phil Carter, where not all is as it seems along the Cornish coast. Read on below to discover more. John Waite had been a fisherman all his life. He was a stout man with a large untamed beard and a face that could not hide the years…Continue Reading “The Path of Kernow”

Cornish Sea

This short story is by Caitlyn Ould and captures the sense of Cornwall as home in all its beauty. Read on to discover more about her story. It was the same beach he’d walked along since childhood. Nothing had changed since he was just a boy. It was the same sand, the same water and, even…Continue Reading “This Place Called Cornwall”