Elijah the Thatcher

Harmony Cot in 1905. Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, reed or other material to shed water and keep the building dry. This article, by Tony Mansell, was written in conjunction with Master Thatcher Elijah Francis as he undertook the re-roofing work on Harmony Cot, Blowing House,…Continue Reading “Elijah the Thatcher”

At the End of the Valley

Another trip into Tony Mansell’s world of folklore, myth and legend. This time with a tale of a Cornish maid who was cheated out of a life with the only man she loved.   It was late and there was a chill in the air as Annie made her way along the rough track in…Continue Reading “At the End of the Valley”

Of Sheaves, Shocks and Mows

Harvesting, for the farmer, is the busiest time of the year and for those involved with growing crops and raising livestock (mixed farming) it has to be undertaken in conjunction with all the other aspects of running the farm. Tony Mansell brings us this collection of memories and photographs which has been greatly enhanced by…Continue Reading “Of Sheaves, Shocks and Mows”

The Reg Bennett Story – For the Love of Music

Reg Bennett   I have known Reg Bennett for many years but it was not until recently that his wide-ranging involvement in the Cornish music scene became apparent to me. We were both members of the Cornwall Youth Brass Band during the early 1960s but our paths diverged and Reg set off on a course…Continue Reading “The Reg Bennett Story – For the Love of Music”

Joseph Antonia Emidy

Joseph Emidy’s Memorial at the Seafarer’s Mission, Falmouth   The fascinating story of Joseph Antonia Emidy has been mostly gleaned from the autobiography of one of his pupils, the Cornish-born politician and slavery abolitionist, James Silk Buckingham, who wrote about Emidy’s life up to 1807. Others have written about him, mostly using Buckingham’s material, and…Continue Reading “Joseph Antonia Emidy”

Growing Up Near Looe

Looe Bridge This is largely an article of personal memories and is in no way an attempt to provide a history of the area. It includes my first memories but is muddled with later visits and holidays with relations at Lanreath and Looe.   Alright, I’ll come clean, I didn’t do a lot of growing…Continue Reading “Growing Up Near Looe”