Teetotalism is the abstinence from alcoholic beverages and in this article, Tony Mansell considers how it impacted on brass bands. To begin, however, he reflects on the origin and growth of the temperance movement.   The temperance movement had its beginnings in Preston where a society was founded in 1833 by social reformer, local politician,…Continue Reading “Brass Bands and the Temperance Movement”

Paul Phillips and Tony Mansell have transcribed this interesting letter written by John Henry Benney in 1976 to his relation, Joy Stevenson (past Federation of Old Cornwall Society Dialect Recorder). It is largely as written with just a few minor alterations to aid understanding.   I went to work [in] Tin Croft mine in 1911…Continue Reading “A Miner’s Letter”

Thoughts of folklore, myth and legend lead our minds to times past when events, or maybe the creative mind, provided us with some intriguing stories. Here, Tony Mansell of Cornish Story has set aside his non-fiction activities and uses his imagination to bring us the first of his present-day Cornish tales.    Davie Pascoe stood…Continue Reading “The Rendezvous”

Tony Mansell brings us the story of Wheal Busy Mine and a lesson that it does not pay to celebrate success too early. Chacewater Mine is in the area referred to as “the richest square mile on Earth and during its lifetime it produced enormous amounts of copper and to a lesser extent, tin and…Continue Reading “Wheal Busy Mine with “Another Uproar at Chacewater””

Tony Mansell brings us the engaging story of Alfred Solomon, a “Trura Boy,” who travelled thousands of miles to follow his faith. It was a huge step for this young man who was destined to become involved in both the religious and civic aspects of life in his chosen country.     It seems that the…Continue Reading “Bishop Alfred Solomon – a Trura Boy”

Whilst collecting information for my books and stories I have interviewed many people, each with a tale to tell. It is surprising, therefore, that although my mother has led an interesting life, I had never sat down with pen and paper to record her story. The situation has now been remedied and this is just…Continue Reading “My Literary Friend”