Mapping Methodism – St Anthony in Meneage Bible Christian Chapel

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St Anthony-in-Meneage has also been called St Anthony-in-Kerrier and is near to the mouth of the Helford River, overlooking Gillan Harbour. It is bounded on the north by the Helford harbour, on the east by the sea, on the south by St Keverne, and on the west by Manaccan. This profile of St. Anthony in Meneage Bible Christian Chapel has been compiled by Terry Moyle.


In Helston Circuit

Afternoon service on 1828 Preaching Plan (strangely the Wesleyan Methodist Plan)

The first Baptism at St. Anthony BC was in February 1839

There were 27 baptisms there between 1837 and 1900

Names of families associated with baptisms – Tripconey, Tripp, Williams, Nicholls, James, Trezise and Trounce.

BC Preaching Plans for 1868 and 1878 – two Sunday services and Wednesday evening service

Closed 1971

2 members at closure

Cause failed

Members joined Manaccan Methodist Chapel

Converted into a dwelling


Several St. Keverne families who lived near the parish border with St. Anthony and Manaccan used the Bible Christian chapel at St. Anthony for the baptism of their children.

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