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Ashton is a village in the civil parish of Breage on the A394 Penzance-Helston road one mile north-east of Praa Sands. This profile of Ashton Wesleyan Chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


“Today none of the original four chapels in Ashton are used for religious purposes, reflecting a general trend in falling attendances. The old [(Bible Christian] chapel in Prospect Row now houses the Men’s Institute, they originally used a wooden building located in front of Palm House. The local blacksmith worked from another in Chapel Row [probably Prospect Place], and this is now used as a net loft. The others in Middle Row and West End [Wesleyan] have become dwellings.” (Ashton & Germoe Circular: walks

Built as a Wesleyan chapel. (SWChurches)

1861: Certificate of registration, West End Wesleyan Chapel, Ashton, Breage. Certificate of registration as place of religious worship. (Kresen Kernow MRPL/208)

1876: Collector’s book, Missionary Society, West End Wesleyan Chapel, Ashton, Breage. (Kresen Kernow MRPL/214)

1879: Order, Charity Commission, West End Wesleyan Chapel, Ashton, Breage. Order appointing new trustees. (Kresen Kernow MRPL/209)

1882: Re-opening of Ashton Wesleyan Chapel. (The Cornish Telegraph – Thursday 14 September 1882)

1886: “A letter was received from the Rev. J. E Hargreaves, of Porthleven in relation to the proposed exchange of Chapels at Breage and Ashton respectively, by which the Ashton Wesleyan Chapel would be relinquished in favour of the Free Methodists of that village, and the Free Methodist Chapel of Breage Churchtown pass into the hands of the Wesleyans. The principle was approved, but although the Wesleyans had appointed a committee, the Free Methodist Society at Breage had not been consulted and there were difficulties in the way. It was directed that the communication of Mr. Hargreaves should be acknowledged, and there for the present the matter rests.”  (The Cornish Telegraph – Thursday 14 October 1886)

1890: “The condition of the chapel at Ashton was again discussed, and the meeting recommended the trustees to restore the building at an estimated cost of £45. The tone of the meeting was hopeful. (The Cornish Telegraph – Thursday 02 October 1890)

1890s: Possible photograph of Ashton Wesleyan Chapel:

17 Oct 1910: Lease, Ashton Wesleyan chapel, Breage. Parties: 1) George Godolphin, Duke of Leeds. 2) John William Broad of Porthleven, builder, Hugh Stevens of Polladras, gentleman, William Penrose of Trequean, farmer, Edwin Marks of Ashton, grocer, John Oliver, of Ashton, butcher, Samuel Richards of Ashton, labourer, William Thomas of Porthleven, clerk, John Williams of Breage, grocer, Ernest Oliver of Wheal Vor, butcher, all of Breage; John Thomas of Tresowes, Germoe, builder, and Richard James of Porthleven, accountant, Henry Trevaskis of Porthleven, clerk, Robert Sedgman of Porthleven, gentleman, and John Harris of Porthleven, schoolteacher, all of Sithney. Term: 80 years. Rent: 10 shillings. Chapel and plot already marked out and allotted to the Trustees, known as Ashton Wesleyan Chapel at Ashton, Breage [terms etc. as in 1832 lease used as the model lease for Wesleyan chapels, lease number 140, Manor of Godolphin. Read more… (Kresen Kernow RH/1/1473)

1909: Memorandum of appointment, new trustees, West End Wesleyan Chapel. Ashton, Breage. (Kresen Kernow MRPL/210)

1909-1911: Application, purchase of land, West End Wesleyan Chapel, Ashton, Breage. Application and consent for purchase of additional land and construction of porch. Includes application for grant aid. (Kresen Kernow MRPL/211)

1932: The Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and the United Methodist Church amalgamated to become the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

1932: Became Ashton Methodist Chapel. (SWChurches)

1934: Memorandum of appointment, new trustees, West End Methodist Church, Ashton, Breage. (Kresen Kernow MRPL/212)

1936: Church. Consent was given to sell the chapel in 1935. (SWChurches)

1935: Consent, sale of chapel, West End Methodist Church, Ashton, Breage. Consent from president of the Methodist Conference to close and sell chapel. (Kresen Kernow MRPL/213)

Not shown on 1970s maps




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