Continuing the series covering the history of Cornish hostelries and ale houses, Isabel Robinson takes us on journey to explore the roots of St Austell Brewery. ‘St Austell Brewery’ has become a symbol of the Cornish hospitality industry which today spans the length of the county and beyond. But where did it all start? The answer to that question…Continue Reading “Where it all began – St Austell Brewery’s Seven Stars Inn”

Loe Bar landscape by Joshua Schouten de Jel

Join us for the final part of the Looking for George Henry Guy series! This month sees the conclusion of Lesley Carter’s genealogical journey to uncover her great grandfather’s story. You can find part 8 here. We haven’t reached Taunton yet and the sun is shining. The sky seems to be clearing, turning from damp grey to tentative blue. I pass the time…Continue Reading “George Henry Guy: Part 9”

This month, we have Bert Biscoe reading his touching poem about Cornwall’s capital city, ‘Trura’.   If you enjoyed ‘Trura’, you can read more of our Cornish themed poems here, and Bert’s last offering ‘I remember’ here. Join us next month for more in our poetry series.

Stormy Cornwall

The Looking for George Henry Guy series is back! This month sees a continuation of ancestor research following the story of Lesley Carter and her journey to uncover more information about her great grandfather. You can find part 7 here. The reference to Thomas Guy in the Collectanea Cornubiensia was the only shred of potential evidence I had come…Continue Reading “George Henry Guy: Part 8”

This month, Bert Biscoe delivers a touch of nostalgia with his reading of his poem, ‘I remember’.    If you enjoyed Bert’s poem, you can read more of our Cornish themed poems here. Join us next month for the next offering in our poetry series.

Join Tony Mansell as he introduces the Music Kernow series, a series celebrating Cornwall’s important relationship with music through the ages. It serves us in sorrow and in joy, it helps our celebrations, it cuts across barriers and calms our anger. What could it be but music? Yet, like so many things that we take for granted,…Continue Reading “Music Kernow – Introduction”