Camborne Wesleyan Chapel

 Camborne is a town in Cornwall. This profile of Camborne Wesleyan Chapel has been compiled by David Thomas.   Camborne Wesley was always a chapel which was well attended and possessed a large number of willing workers who were ready to assist with events there. This photograph is part of a set of postcard images…Continue Reading “Camborne Wesleyan Chapel”

A Cornish Rower by Ruth Tremayne Harry

Ann Glanville (Photo: Terry Harry)   Ruth brings us her poem about Ann Glanville (1796–1880), a Cornishwoman who achieved national celebrity for rowing a four-oared watermen’s boat.   A Cornish Rower by Ruth Tremayne Harry There’s a statue by the river A woman sitting on a bench She is gazing at the water With a rower’s…Continue Reading “A Cornish Rower by Ruth Tremayne Harry”

The Reg Bennett Story – For the Love of Music

Reg Bennett   I have known Reg Bennett for many years but it was not until recently that his wide-ranging involvement in the Cornish music scene became apparent to me. We were both members of the Cornwall Youth Brass Band during the early 1960s but our paths diverged and Reg set off on a course…Continue Reading “The Reg Bennett Story – For the Love of Music”

Henry Sewell Stokes (1808-1895)

Henry Sewell Stokes Portrait by Edward Arthur Fellowes Prynne (1854–1921). Courtesy ArtUK – owned by Truro City Council and hangs in their Council Chambers.   Susan Coney, researcher and writer, devotes much of her time to all things Cornish. Here she turns her attention to a man who is arguably not as well-known as he…Continue Reading “Henry Sewell Stokes (1808-1895)”

A passing thought behind Trurra Cathedral – A Poem by Bert Biscoe

 The Cockpit Chapel   Bert Biscoe brings us another of his poems, this time with Truro’s rich religious history in mind.     A passing thought behind Trurra Cathedral       The first signs of pretention came In the eighteenth century When the burghers granted permission For a spire to cap The miserable chapel…Continue Reading “A passing thought behind Trurra Cathedral – A Poem by Bert Biscoe”

Delabole Slate Quarry

Delabole Slate Quarry Alan Murton is in east Cornwall and brings us the story of a Cornish icon – the Delabole Slate Quarry. Most of us have heard of it, some have seen it, but a pound to a penny there’s something new to learn from this graphic article.   Standing at dawn with thousands…Continue Reading “Delabole Slate Quarry”