Bosullow Well, a poem by David Oates

While clearing a ditch in that magical upland of West Penwith, just below the great hill-fort of Chûn, a farmer gradually revealed a relic from the distant past – a well with lintels of moorstone.  Its age is uncertain, its magic undeniable   From sunlit morn of dusty day Down steps worn smooth By countless…Continue Reading “Bosullow Well, a poem by David Oates”

The Journey by Bert Biscoe

Another poem from the pen and voice of one of Cornwall’s foremost poets   The Journey – (Truro – Redruth) (For audio, click on title)   The Number Forty bus from Truro To Redruth (via St Day) grinds a gear, Pulls into traffic and away – a jackdaw Departs the railway station’s ridge, Making its…Continue Reading “The Journey by Bert Biscoe”

Trig or Trick

  Trevor Dalley brings us another tale featuring his colourful creations, Albert and Joey (you’ll probably remember them from A Darts Match at Tyacks). Joining them we have, Harry, the landlord of the Shipwright Arms, and the unlikely involvement of Albert’s father who Trevor describes thus: “Albert’s fether, who was the provider of the Fool’s…Continue Reading “Trig or Trick”

Philip Sambell – Architect

Philip Sambell was undoubtedly an architect of considerable talent as many of his buildings testify. He was all the more remarkable because he had to battle against the twin infirmities of being both deaf and dumb. Cornish historian, Susan Coney brings us his story and details of some of the edifices which still bear his…Continue Reading “Philip Sambell – Architect”

Elijah the Thatcher

Harmony Cot in 1905. Thatching is the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation such as straw, reed or other material to shed water and keep the building dry. This article, by Tony Mansell, was written in conjunction with Master Thatcher Elijah Francis as he undertook the re-roofing work on Harmony Cot, Blowing House,…Continue Reading “Elijah the Thatcher”

Was it painted by Opie?

  Dr Charlotte MacKenzie, regular Cornish Story contributor, is a prolific writer and speaker on Cornish History and here she turns her attention to the Opie family.   Occasionally, paintings believed to be lost are rediscovered. Or a known painting is identified as by a particular artist. The current whereabouts of paintings by the exceptionally…Continue Reading “Was it painted by Opie?”