My Cornish Village

St Agnes Beacon   For some time we have been hoping to include an article about this north Cornish village which some would say is one of Cornwall’s jewels in its crown. Then along comes Mike Ricks, firstly with a poem and now an article about his village of birth – St Agnes. It is…Continue Reading “My Cornish Village”

Working Underground at South Crofty Mine

(Sketch: Mike Ricks)   Mike Ricks brings us his evocative story of the time when he was a Cornish miner. Reading this leaves you in no doubt about the harsh conditions underground and perhaps goes some way to helping us understand the extraordinary camaraderie developed by those who laboured there.                                                                                    The contrast couldn’t…Continue Reading “Working Underground at South Crofty Mine”

Back When 

Trevaunance Beach (Photo: courtesy Clive Benney Collection)   Mike Ricks has penned his fond memories of the place where he was born and grew up – St Agnes. We are sure that it will be a memory-jerker for many, particularly those who shared his time in that north Cornish village.   When Rocky Lane was…Continue Reading “Back When “