Mapping Methodism – East Looe Wesleyan Chapel

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 The Looe Chapels have been profiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


Nonconformist Chapel (19th Century – 1801 AD to 1900 AD) Large Methodist chapel with attached schoolroom, now converted to residential use. Probably early or mid C19 in origin, remodelled late C19 (1). Stucco; slurried slate roofs with crested ridge tiles and Italianate detail. (Heritage Gateway)

Kelly’s 1902 notes: There are Free Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist chapels in East Looe.

From Fore Street, move up Shutta Road and the Wesleyan Chapel complex is the green building on the right.

1809: Built as a Methodist Chapel (Wesleyan).

1816: Lease for purchase of land. The deed for the site of the East Looe Wesleyan Chapel, Benjamin Carvosso, who witnesses the lease, was Wesleyan Circuit Minister at Liskeard. Release in fee on Trust, (lease for a year missing), of one orchard or plot of ground situate in the Borough of East Looe on the right hand side of the way which leads from a place there called Battern Stairs towards the fountain or spring of water which supplies the conduit of the said Borough and is bounded by the said way from Battern Stairs aforesaid to near the said fountain and at top is bounded by the lane called Blinda Lane, at the bottom partly with the lands formerly of Bond now of Carra and on the side towards the sea by the orchard belonging to Clement Triggs… to permit the said orchard or plot of ground and building or buildings that may be erected thereon to be used, occupied and enjoyed by the Society or Congregation of People commonly called or known by the name of Methodists and by such others as shall hereafter come into the said Society.

1816: Build date. (From MRLISK/373)

1841: Re-built.

1877: Schoolroom built at the rear of the chapel. (From MRLISK/373)

1883: Sunday School Primary room added. (From MRLISK/373)

1883: The Old Hall / bookshop date stone.

1905: Two storey classroom built at the front of the chapel. (From MRLISK/373)

The attached building has a date stone of 1905.

1940: Seating for 500. (Revd David Easton, Methodist Historian)

1966: Closure. (Revd David Easton, Methodist Historian)

1966: Two Looe Chapels May Become Old People’s Flats. Council To Contact Trustees when the Free Church of Looe unite in a few months’ time and use the Congregational Church as headquarters. two Methodist chapels, one at East Looe and one at West Looe. will become vacant. (Cornish Guardian – Thursday 16 June 1966)

1967: Closure date when the East and West Looe Methodist and Congregational congregations united and moved to the Riverside United Church, West Looe. (From MRLISK/373)

(West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser – Thursday 10 August 1972)

Converted to residential flats. (Revd David Easton, Methodist Historian)

Now converted to flats (Chapel Court) and a book shop (The Old Hall)

Multiple documentations exist at Kresen Kernow.





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