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Plantation is a small hamlet situated near Troon, Camborne. The chapel was called ‘Plantation’ because it was built in a wooded area owned by the St Aubyn family. This profile of Plantation Wesleyan Chapel has been compiled by Suzanne Trythall


Lead map shows the location of first chapel on 1888 map


1832: the Methodist society at Troon wished to build a chapel between Troon and Praze and on 3 July 1832 the first deed was drawn up. A lease was signed on 4 November between Sir John St Aubyn and James Thomas, miner, for a plot of ground at Carwynnen on a 3-year life basis. The chapel was built by local volunteers with help from miners sent from Dolcoath by Captain Charles Thomas. Trees were cut down and sawn into timber to make the roof. The structure was whitewashed stone with a lime ash floor. Seating was on forms with no backs and was lit by tallow candles.

18 July 1840: deed of assignment of the Old Plantation Meeting House or Chapel between James Thomas, miner, in the first part and 13 trustees plus Rev Samuel Dunn, super-intendent minister for Camborne and Rev Thomas Withington for the consideration of £12.

List of original trustees of the old chapel – Photo of document MR/CB/294/1 Archives and Cornish Studies Service Redruth

16 April 1850: chapel registered for worship by Rev Thomas Hardy

1858/9: rising seats were added at the west end

1860: Sunday School 17TH Anniversary celebration with ‘ juvenile boys 97, juvenile girls 74, adult male 23, adult female 18, male teachers 24 and female teachers 18’ Total 254

1868: there were 13 pew holders

1870: the chapel had its first harmonium and the organist was William Trythall who had previously accompanied the choir on his flute

Rev George Bull of Treslothan Church allowed the Sunday School children to visit vicarage garden. Plantation’s porch doors came from one of the old doors of Treslothan Church

1882: lease signed between Rev St Aubyn H Molesworth and John Hosking and W Rabling for the term of 3 lives

1899: special effort was made for chapel funds with special preacher and entertainment, £1 was realised

The 1840 chapel photographed in 1964, courtesy of David Thomas

Derelict interior of the 1840 chapel, photo courtesy of David Thomas

1911: lease signed between Rev St Aubyn and T Carter and Mr Arthur for 99 years for plot of ground for a new chapel at Carwynnen. The old chapel was to become the Sunday School.

Architect: Sampson Hill of Redruth

Contractors: Floyd of Redruth

Cost: £496 with £100 in debt

Tyacks of Camborne to supply and install a tube boiler, enclosed in a brick lined iron furnace,

for £12 with a 12-month guarantee

Laying the foundation stone

The new 1911 chapel, photo courtesy of David Thomas

Interior of 1911 chapel, photo courtesy of David Thomas

Estimate from J&W Floyd of Redruth for building of the new chapel – Photo of document MR/CB/294/1 Archives and Cornish Studies Service Redruth

Quote from W J & C Tyack Ltd of Camborne for new boiler – Photo of document MR/CB/294/1 Archives and Cornish Studies Service Redruth

1930: new vestry built

Map of 1963 with red arrow showing position of original chapel and blue arrow showing second chapel built across the road

Photo: chapel harmonium, rebuilt by Edwin Thomas of Condurrow

1963: Chapel Trust agreed to sell the old chapel (now Sunday School) to brothers Charles & N Thomas with the condition that it was to be preserved for Methodist usage

1965: minutes of 28 October record a balance of £135 10s 6d including £70 for sale of old chapel/Sunday School

1979: Church Council and Property Committee decided to close 1911 chapel and offer it for sale

Interior at closure


1981: permission given for it to be used as a pottery studio and artist’s studio

2011: chapel sold as a private dwelling for £185,000

2021: old chapel/Sunday School is now a private rented dwelling sitting on the edge of a complex of holiday accommodation


Below are the plans for the new Plantation Chapel – Courtesy of MR/CB/294/2 Archives and Cornish Studies Service Redruth


The new Plantation Chapel converted to a dwelling. Photographs below taken in 2022


The old Plantation Chapel, converted to a dwelling, photographed in 2022



Sources and further reading


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Maps: The National Library of Scotland

Book: ‘Camborne – The Archive Photographs Series’ compiled by David Thomas

Kresen Kernow


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  1. I remember Plantation Chapel from the 1950s-my grandfather THomas Faull had been the chapel organist there in earlier days

  2. I have a pdf photocopy of a pamphlet entitled ‘Plantation Chapel’ by John Arthur Esq, with a cover label ‘Lowenack, Camborne MS No CAM29’ It was almost certainly given to me by Professor Charles Thomas. I’d be happy to share this if its of interest.

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