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For Treluswell, take the Penryn exit on the Treluswell Roundabout, then the left turning to Mylor and then the right turn. The chapel, which is being converted, can be found on the left with the Sunday school at the back. This profile of Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel has been compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel (Photo: courtesy Barry West)

Built as a Wesleyan chapel. (SWChurches)

Part of Falmouth Wesleyan Circuit. (SWChurches)

1880: Indicated on old.maps. co uk (

1896: Renovated.

1898: “Re-opening of Treluswell Chapel. Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel was reopened on Thursday after renovation. The interior has been entirely remodelled, and when completed will present a very neat appearance. The centre aisle has been done away with, and there are now two aisles. The open seating with slanting backs, is a decided improvement on the old-fashioned boxes. A new entrance has been made at the south end, and the former entrance will now serve as a side door. A neat lobby adds very much to the appearance. A reading desk takes the place of the former pulpit. Pitchpine, with deal framing, has been used throughout, and, with tinted cathedral glass in the windows, is very pleasing. In the afternoon Rev. J. Stewart, ?? of Penryn, Congregational minister, preached, and tea followed in a barn lent by Mr. R. Rogers. In the evening Mr. G. A. Jenkins, of Penryn, presided over a crowded public meeting. The services, which were a decided success, were continued on Sunday, and will be again next Sunday.” (Royal Cornwall Gazette – Thursday 30 June 1898)

1896-1899: Minutes, Renovation Fund committee, Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel, St Gluvias. (Kresen Kernow MRF/38)

1899: “… At Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel, the Rev. F. J. Murrell, who presided at the 20th century fund meeting, said £300,000 of the fund would be devoted to the building of chapels and Sun- day-schools, and in that Treluswell would be interested. He hoped they would be able to proceed with a Sunday-school building in a few months, in which children could be taught under much better conditions than in the chapel. It is hoped Treluswell will raise fifteen guineas.” (Royal Cornwall Gazette – Thursday 16 March 1899)

1899: “Treluswell Wesleyans, The Wesleyans of Treluswell, near Penryn, on Friday laid the foundation stones of a Sunday schoolroom. Among the many who participated in the little wayside ceremony were the Mayor of Falmouth (Mr. J. Grose), and the Mayoress, the Revs. F. J. Murrell, J. Goudie and G. Borman. Ten stones were laid (various contributions being placed upon them) by the following: The Mayor of Falmouth, Master Cyril Corlyon (Falmouth), Mrs. J. R. Corlyon (Falmouth), on behalf of Treluswell Sunday school; Master J. D. Ralph (Falmouth), Mrs. R Rogers, Mr. W. Rowe (Falmouth), Mr. W. H. Rogers, the Rev. F. J. Murrell, Mr. A. Treneer, and Mr. K. Gay. The Falmouth Wesleyan Young Men’s Institute (of which Mr. H. J. R. Corlyon is treasurer) placed a pound upon the Sunday school stone. These and other gifts brought the total of the afternoon’s proceeds up to £28 2s. 6d. After tea a public meeting in the chapel was presided over by Mr. R. D. Pascoe, of Falmouth, who was supported by the three circuit ministers previously named. Mr. J. R. Corlyon presented a report, which stated that the probable cost of the school would be £120. In the address delivered the importance of religious instruction to the young was emphasised. At the close thanks were accorded to the Mayor and a number of other friends, including Mrs. J. R. Corlyon, whose special interest in the movement was cordially acknowledged. Mr. Murrell announced that the proceeds of the day had reached the very satisfactory total of £30. (Royal Cornwall Gazette – Thursday 18 May 1899)

1897-1902: Accounts, building work, Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel, St Gluvias. Statement of accounts, renovation of chapel and construction of schoolroom. (Kresen Kernow MRF/402)

1906: “…The freehold ground rent seefired on Treluswell Wesleyan chapel was knocked down to Mr. Mitchell, of Tregedna, Budock, for £5…” (Lake’s Falmouth Packet and Cornwall Advertiser – Friday 03 August 1906)

1920: Renovated.

1929: Programme, re-opening, Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel, St Gluvias. Re-opening after renovation. (Kresen Kernow MRF/403)

1932: The Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and the United Methodist Church amalgamated to become the Methodist Church of Great Britain.

1932: Became Treluswell Methodist Church. (SWChurches)

Part of Falmouth Methodist Circuit. (SWChurches)

1940: Seating for 120. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

March 1954: The final service was held in the chapel. (SWChurches)

1954: Closed. (David Easton, Methodist Minister and historian)

1960: Premises sold. (SWChurches)

1902-1960: Trust minutes, Treluswell Methodist Church, St Gluvias. (Kresen Kernow MRF/569)

1957-1970: Papers, closure and sale of Treluswell Methodist Church, St Gluvias. Chapel closed in 1954 and premises sold in 1960. (Kresen Kernow MRF/571)

1970s/1980s: Became a kitchen manufacturing business. (

Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel overgrown (Photo: courtesy Tristan Ball)

Treluswell Wesleyan Chapel (Photo: courtesy Tristan Ball)

October 2019: Being converted with the main chapel almost finished and the Sunday school in progress (Photo: Jo Lewis)



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  1. I know the young couple who own this property now and a full interior renovation is nearly completed. It was bought from the builder who did the renovations shown in the last photo.

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