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Penhallow is a hamlet near Perranzabuloe and is on the A3075 main road to Goonhavern and Newquay. This profile of Penhallow Bible Christian Chapel was compiled by Jo Lewis and Tony Mansell.


Built as a Primitive** Methodist chapel. ( (**This is undoubtedly an error as this was always a Bible Christian chapel)

1852: The lives on the 1852 chapel lease were John Jenkin junior, Alfred Blewitt and William Henry Rowe. (David Thomas of Kresen Kernow)

1891: Rent roll of the Manor of Penwartha (RH/7/12/1/20) no other chapel is listed at either Penhallow or Penwartha, so there can only be this one, originally leased in 1852. (David Thomas of Kresen Kernow)

Penhallow Chapel is reported to have been built in the mid-19th century as a Bible Christian Chapel. It is reputed to have had its own organ. (Jo Lewis)

“I recall seeing somewhere that Billy Bray preached at the opening of Penhallow BC Chapel.” (Gary Crossley)

1898: A successful concert was held in the Oddfellows Hall, Perranporth, last Friday. The programme comprised vocal and instrumental items, and a fairy sketch, ‘The Wishing Gate,’ and the performers included Misses M. Jenkin, L. Clark (Tresawson), and Osborne (Penwarth, and Messrs. Cowing and Snell. Mr. Dobson presided, and the proceeds were in aid of Penhallow Chapel. (Royal Cornwall Gazette – Thursday 19 May 1898)

1898: “Concert at Perranporth Penhallow Bible Christian Chapel has a harmonium upon which there is a small debt. Through the kindness of a few Truro and other friends an entertainment has been given in the Oddfellows’ Hall, Perranporth, with a view to reducing that debt. (Royal Cornwall Gazette – Thursday 26 May 1898)

1901: “Penhallow Bible Christian Chapel was visited by the Rev. S. Louis Warne, Truro, who gave popular lecture on ‘The teaching for the times’…” (Royal Cornwall Gazette – Thursday 18 April 1901)

1907: “Perranporth and District, Penhallow Bible Christians. The anniversary of Penhallow Bible Christian Chapel was held on Sunday and Monday, the 7th and 8th inst. The preacher on Sunday was the Rev. W. F. Ellis. Mr. J. Coad, of Greenbottom, presided on Monday evening, when a special selection music was given by the Misses Simmons. The financial results were highly satisfactory.” (West Briton and Cornwall Advertiser – Thursday 18 April 1907)

1907: The Methodist New Connexion, Bible Christians and United Methodist Free Churches amalgamated to become the United Methodist Church.

Circa 1911: Penhallow Chapel closed and surrendered to landlords.

30 September 1911: Letter from E Williams Trenerry of Perranporth to the Revd E V Stephens at Truro says, ‘I note your Society has no further use for the chapel and you surrender all further claim to the property to which you were entitled under the said lease’ (i.e. that of 1852). (David Thomas of Kresen Kernow)

There was a Wesleyan Methodist chapel at Callestick, and another at Mellingy (Bolingey?); there was a Bible Christian chapel at Penhallow. (Genuki)

The building, which is almost opposite the Plume of Feathers, was a Bible Christian chapel or similar and later became a snooker institute. (Derek Brooks of Goonhavern Old Cornwall society) The redundant Bible Christian chapel beside the Redruth to Newquay Road (Photo: Jo Lewis)

1960s: Visible from the A3075 on the right as you travel from Perranzabuloe towards Callestick. The chapel is marked on old maps but no longer marked as a chapel. (Jo Lewis)

From the 1920s until the early 21st century it was used as Men’s Institute building and housed a full-size slate bedded snooker table. A famous actor/playwright was also said to have performed there. (Jo Lewis)

The building fell into disrepair.

2012: Planning consent to convert it to a dwelling. (Jo Lewis)

2021: It is currently being converted and access is now blocked by a large gate. (Jo Lewis)



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