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Rob Bristol returns with another wonderful poem from his Cornish collection. You can find Rob’s earlier contributions here.

Strolling on a Cornish beach,
Keeping dreams within my reach,
Overhead the sky is blue,
From which I see a morning hue.
As the tide draws ever near,
Waves cascade, then disappear,
Accompanied by a mighty roar,
As they encroach upon the shore.
Counting footsteps left behind,
Creates an image in my mind,
Of families flocking to the sea,
To share the beauty, which I see.
Cliffs like giants, guard the land,
Rising high above the sand,
From which I gain the perfect view,
Of an ocean, coloured blue.
Blessed by natures works of art,
Keeping Cornwall in my heart,
Ensuring dreams remain in reach,
Strolling on a lonesome beach…..

(c) Rob Bristol Poetry 2019

Rob’s poetry collections are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or directly from the author himself for £10 which includes UK postage, an extra £2 is charged for overseas orders. Please email for more information.

Join us next month for more of Rob’s poetry. In the meantime you can read more of our Cornish themed poems here. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook


Rob Bristol
Rob's love of Cornwall began on his very first visit way back in 1981, it was then that he decided to make it his life's intention to eventually move to Cornwall. Having made the move in 2011, he carried on with his interest in photography, where he began to see the poetry evolve in the images which appeared before him.

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