This month Alan Kent remembers the not so distant glory days at South Crofty with his poem Winding Engine, Robinson’s Shaft.  “ʼEave on your steelies boy! We’m goin’ down t’ ’Ell.” This must have once been said here, above the bountiful, tapering shaft of two hundred fathoms upon which still rests this battleship grey of drum and…Continue Reading “Winding Engine, Robinson’s Shaft”

A review of Hilary Coleman and Sally Burley’s Shout Kernow: Celebrating Cornwall’s pub songs – a real treat for lovers of traditional Cornish music! Ever since the rise of such groups as The Fisherman’s Friends and all of the other shanty groups in Cornwall, there has perhaps never been so much interest in Cornish songs. Here the…Continue Reading “Review: Shout Kernow”

Here is a poem by Cornish poet and dramatist Alan M. Kent about the Nebra Sky Disc which caused much scientific speculation on its discovery in 1999. The object itself dates as far back to 1600 BC. Read on below to see how Alan Kent identifies and situates the object with Cornwall. Hard to see any…Continue Reading “Nebra Sky Disc”