Cornish Humour

“Near nuff won’t do, it gotta be zact.” “Tis zact” “Well, tha’s near nuff then!”   Troora Boy, Alan Murton has been at the keyboard again and this time he’s sharing with us his likes and dislikes of Cornish humour. A timeless viewpoint, supported by listening to a Friday night banter in many a Cornish…Continue Reading “Cornish Humour”

Delabole Slate Quarry

Delabole Slate Quarry Alan Murton is in east Cornwall and brings us the story of a Cornish icon – the Delabole Slate Quarry. Most of us have heard of it, some have seen it, but a pound to a penny there’s something new to learn from this graphic article.   Standing at dawn with thousands…Continue Reading “Delabole Slate Quarry”

Another article by Alan Murton, master wordsmith, who never fails to paint a picture of his beloved Truro. This one, about Richmond Hill, is truly evocative and full of nostalgia.   I was born on a hill – not surprising in Truro really, not just any old hill though – it was Richmond Hill where…Continue Reading “Richmond Hill – The Place Where I was born”

Alan Murton brings us yet another of his literary gems. Not this time from Truro but from a small community just down the road, a place which clearly tugs at his heart strings.     Every Cornishman has his favourite places and one thing is certain we’re spoilt for choice. Don’t ask how I choose…Continue Reading “Malpas – a Favourite Place”

Alan Murton of Goonhavern was born and raised in Truro and here he recounts his memories of school life during the traumatic years of the Second World War.   I am conscious that Bosvigo School represents the biggest single influence in determining the course of my life. In that I would not expect to be…Continue Reading “Bosvigo School – Happy Memories 1938/44”

Alan Murton of Goonhavern was born and raised in Truro and here he recounts his memories of sport in the city and how it came to be an important part of his life.   Prologue I was born into a sporting family. My father had boxed and played cricket but was past his playing days…Continue Reading “Memories of Sport in Cornwall”