Truro United Methodist Free Church was built in 1880: by then the movement had existed in Truro for about 25 years. This profile has been compiled by Tony Mansell.   Mid-1850s to 1876: Chapel in Kenwyn Street (Now William IV’s beer garden). It had previously been used by the Congregationalists, Presbyterians and Baptists. 1875/76: Rev….Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Truro United Methodist Free Church”

Truro Primitive Chapel was built in 1878, in Kenwyn Street, about fifty years after the denomination first appeared in Truro. This profile has been compiled by Tony Mansell.   1827: “The Primitive Methodists are now holding camp-meeting in various parts of this county. On Sunday last, several thousand persons assembled of these occasions, on a…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Truro Primitive Chapel”

The list of preaching houses and chapels in St Agnes is extensive and there are probably others yet to be discovered. Alan Green of Goonown talks of the possibility of an old chapel in the valley below Butson’s Farm, Goonown, there may have been another in Mithian Woods and Two Traps Chapel was near Banns…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – St Agnes Parish Open Air Preaching Locations”

Cameron Estate Methodist Chapel was created on an ex-military camp on St Agnes Headland. This profile has been compiled by Clive Benney and Tony Mansell.   Following the abandonment of the military camp on St Agnes headland at the end of the Second World War many servicemen and local families occupied the empty buildings. Faced…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Cameron Estate Methodist Chapel, St Agnes”

Trevellas is a village in St Agnes parish. Its Bible Christian Meeting House is believed to have been located in Zion House. This profile has been compiled by Clive Benney & Tony Mansell.   1840s and possibly earlier: It is believed that Zion House, in what was once referred to as London Lane, was a…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – Trevellas Bible Christian Meeting House”

The Whitworth family built this small meeting house within the village when the Wesleyan chapel serving the community was located some way away, in Goonown. The profile has been compiled by Clive Benney and Tony Mansell.   1851/52: Meeting house formed at the rear of the Whitworth residence. It was used for prayer meetings for…Continue Reading “Mapping Methodism – St Agnes Whitworth Wesleyan Meeting House”