In the sixth article in the Music Kernow series, Phillip Hunt recounts the life and successes of an inspirational musician who had an enduring influence on all who played under him. “Happy but not idyllic – there’s nothing idyllic about writing music and bringing up a family”. That was how Malcolm Arnold described the years…Continue Reading “Music Kernow – Malcolm Arnold in Cornwall”

This month, Bert Biscoe reads ‘A Shadow Departs’, a touching poem dedicated to the memory of Clarice Mortenson-Fowler who sadly passed away aged 97 on New Years eve 2013. The daughter of the Captain of a Merchant Schooner, Clarice lived her entire life in Truro, where she became a well known and popular figure. She was…Continue Reading “Poetry – A Shadow Departs – In memory of Clarice Mortenson-Fowler”

In the latest in our Cornish music series, Philip Hunt brings to life, the story of iconic Cornish musician Goff Richards. “I think the march has clarity and energy and is a far higher quality than is usually found in brass band music. The scoring is excellent, you obviously have a special gift.” So wrote…Continue Reading “Music Kernow – Goff Richards”

This month Alan Kent remembers the not so distant glory days at South Crofty with his poem Winding Engine, Robinson’s Shaft.  “ʼEave on your steelies boy! We’m goin’ down t’ ’Ell.” This must have once been said here, above the bountiful, tapering shaft of two hundred fathoms upon which still rests this battleship grey of drum and…Continue Reading “Poetry – Winding Engine, Robinson’s Shaft”

In the fourth article in our Cornish music series, John Roberts regales us with the history of the banjo. You can find last month’s offering which focuses on the Goonhavern Banjo Band here. “The twang’s the thang”…or so it was according to Duane Eddy in 1959, referring to the sound of his electric guitar of course, but…Continue Reading “Music Kernow – A History of the Banjo”

This month, Bert Biscoe returns with another hauntingly beautiful poetry reading. Pull up a pew for his reading of ‘Map Truro’.     If you enjoyed ‘Map Truro’, you can read more of our Cornish themed poems here, and Bert’s last offering ‘Boy Basset and his Monument’ here. Join us next month for more in our poetry…Continue Reading “Poetry – Map Truro”